<em>Juxtaposed</em> by Alex Myung <em>Juxtaposed</em> by Alex Myung

Juxtaposed by Alex Myung

Juxtaposed by Alex Myung, one of the films that I’d highlighted in last week’s review of the SVA student screening, has been posted online. In the YouTube description, Alex writes, “This is a personal story and serves as a depiction of my experiences in dealing with my own adoption and acceptance of others.” He also has a blog at TheLemonFish.blogspot.com.

  • Thanks for directing me to this film and blog, Amid. It’s great work, and I’m glad to have seen it.

  • yes..agreed. this was one of my favorites from SVA this year. please check it out!

  • I’ll third that. It’s really, really well done. Top to bottom a solid film.

  • Mitch Kennedy


  • Beautifully crafted, very touching.

  • This was a remarkable little film. This was one of the few films that honestly blew me away at the Dusty’s. Charming & beautifully executed. I can tell that Alex will definitely be going places with that sort of talent!

  • Incredibly engaging. Outstanding.

  • Celia

    Beautifully done. I wanted to walk into those painted backgrounds!

  • Iritscen

    Great stuff, it’s always refreshing to see up and coming talent. Hopefully he’ll get to show his talents as he embarks on his career, and not get sucked into the black hole of cheap Flash animation and 3D CG.

  • Mind-blowingly gorgeous. One of my favorite films there. This class was SO SO SO impressive. Congrats to the 2009 class. :)

  • vzk

    That was truly amazing.

  • After having watched his film I’m frankly quite surprised to see that there have been so few comments. I’m as guilty as anyone, but it seems that we’re more drawn to controversy here at CBrew than just plain old art.
    I’m so impressed with this film and the personal nature of it- the heart just shows through this work. And my oh my, how beautifully drawn it is! Many congratulations on some fine fine work. I hope to be able to achieve something this personal and well done in my own endeavors one day.

  • With a current season of programmes about adoption and childcare on the British channel, Channel 4, this film has struck a poignant chord on that theme. It has certainly gone for the ‘less is more’ approach on the animation, which works very well within its story-telling structure, and within its simplistic Japanese animation style.

    I look forward to viewing future material from Myung in the not too distant future.