Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

I don’t know about you, but I love Key Lime Pie, especially as served up by Trevor Jimenez. Made at Sheridan in 2007.

  • Chuz

    Brilliant. Love it.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    yeah go trev. this film is beautiful.

  • This made me quite hungry for (non-heart-exploding) key lime pie. I think I will have to bake one tonight.

  • robin

    Trev’s the best!

  • Terry Walsh

    Bravo Trevor. Who doesn’t like Key Lime Pie ?

  • what a great animation!

    i will never see another key lime
    pie without thinking of this!

  • Woah! I remember seeing this short in Ottawa IAF a few years ago! I thought it was great back then, but now that i have seen it again, it’s even better!!
    Love the art direction

  • Maaan I really want to eat some key lime pie I’ve never had it but I really REALLY want a slice right now. Good grief. Why isn’t food advertising done like this?

  • Nice Work!

  • I love it.

  • Doug Drown

    Love it, love it. As a diabetic, I can relate.
    (However, tomorrow’s my birthday . . .)

  • Key Lime Pie was also featured in The Animation Show 4

  • Mark Kennedy

    Trevor is a big talent, and a very great guy too. Glad he’s getting some recognition!

  • that is some good silliness. well drawn/ made/ animated
    three cheers

  • Spencer

    Saw this in the Animation Show at the IFC Center in NY. Jimenez was there with Dave Carter for a QandA. Extraordinary piece but the compression on the file was all wrong.

  • The Gee

    usually the angles-everywhere look would ruin the look for me but hey it was about slices of pie, so it was appropriate and better still it is well-done.

  • Mac

    Really great short. I loved the music and the way it works with the colors to set a very interesting atmosphere. Nice!

  • chris s

    Great look! I enjoyed the “grinch-smile” in the beginning.

  • alan

    Wow, fantastic! Great design and really funny…im betting this man has done well!

  • Wow, that’s amazing. This fellow is the total package!

  • Iritscen

    Wow, amazing work. Most enjoyable short I’ve seen in a while.