“Kickball” by Dana Terrace “Kickball” by Dana Terrace

“Kickball” by Dana Terrace

Kickball is a third-year film made by Dana Terrace at the School of the Visual Arts. The highlight of Dana’s film is the animation: it’s lots of fun to watch, with fantastic control over shapes and design, and expressive motion that brings out the personalities of the characters.

(Thanks, Killigan)

  • Patrick Stannard

    Such appeal in the movement and shapes! It was a joy to color a few frames on this amazing little film. :) I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

    • Yeah, I kind of wish to do that type of job on someone’s short animated film.

  • Calin Fernandez

    lovely Dana!

  • Great


    His underbite is charming

    • Was that a “Street Sharks” reference? If so, “jawsome” to you as well!

      • Great

        heck yeah it was, 90s was killer

  • This was a really fun short. The color, timing, and acting were charming and well done!

  • Cuteness… liking the guitar behind on 00:45!

  • Really beautiful, charming drawings… and animation! Nicely done.

  • Baron Lego

    Everything about this film is great but I really loved the designs in particular. Wonderful stuff!

  • That’s a dang charming short! Congrats.

    I want a little shark person of my own.

  • Gerard de Souza

    What everyone else says…and it’s nice to see the drawing in animation again.

  • G Coffey

    love the sharks eyes when he gets hit by the ball!

  • Impressive, really nice work.

    Very charming with thoughtful acting and the animation isn’t overdone. Good stuff! :)