“Kiss” by Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry “Kiss” by Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry

“Kiss” by Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry

Fresh of the the festival circuit, where it was projected in super wide-screen, Kiss is what I’d safely classify as an art film. It was co-directed by Joseph Hodgson and Franck Aubry through Oslo, Norway graphic design studio Racecar. Hodgson writes:

As Paul Auster once said “The sun is the past, the earth is the present and the moon is the future.” “Kiss” is a no-budget, independent film, undertaken to examine a simple idea: We set out to explore the consequence of something as innocent as a kiss. We believe that every solar eclipse is the moon’s attempt to reach the sun. Our idea is personified through the sun and the moon as seen from earth… a love story plain and simple.

For more information and art, visit the Kiss website.

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  • tedzey

    This is the type of film I wish would never end. I think i’m going to find myself watching this in a loop not knowing when to stop!

  • ZiggyStardust

    so on a technical note, what resolution is super wide screen at? it looks amazing.

    • The format is 4:1, rendered at 4000px x 1000px – Super wide screen! : )

      • ZiggyStardust

        cheers :)
        once again, it looks amazing

  • I liked the pacing. A lot of short films these days have shots that are insufferable in the way they drone on. But, that doesn’t happen here, even though a film like this would be most susceptible to stagnancy. Here the film makers have walked that knife edge and pulled off a very nice atmospheric piece.

  • Great!
    Congrats with a post on Cartoon Brew Franck! ;)

  • Someguy

    Loved it.
    Just brilliant.

  • Thanks a lot guys!
    I am glad you liked it :)
    And thanks Jwlane, for your detailed comment.