<em>KJFG No. 5</em> <em>KJFG No. 5</em>

KJFG No. 5

I saw the Hungarian short KJFG No. 5 by Alexei Alexeev at Annecy last year. I didn’t laugh but lots of other people did. Perhaps you’ll laugh too. Brevity does work in its favor even if it’s not chuckle-worthy.

  • the timing on this film is brilliant BUT I do think she should have ended it after the wolf howls because of the hunter’s wood tap. Would have ended it on a real roar of laughter. Seriously funny

  • To be honest, I thought the short was a bit flat. I didn’t really find it funny at all.

  • This is another film by him titled Pole Hole.

  • Surprise surprise the curmudgeon didn’t laugh.

    Cute film.

  • Supposedly he animated about 10 minutes of this then kept cutting it down. Short is better, but I’m with you Amid, I don’t find it that special, but the audience I saw it with enjoyed it.

  • Jason

    Seriously NOT funny. And pointless besides.

  • I freakin’ LOVE this short. Go Alexei Alexeev!

  • This is the sort of film that can come as a godsend in a shorts program if the few before it have been lengthy, dry affairs. The sheer ridiculousness of the sights and sounds in the first moments of this created waves of contageous laughter at Annecy last year, once the first few found it amusing and the situation on screen persisted/ecsalated.

    A great film for a packed theater; on youtube its power is definitely diminished, unfortunatley! Really fond memories of it, personally…

  • Paul N

    I love the pointlessness of this short. Not every film has to move the art form forward or have an important message.

  • Eddy From Canada

    It’s stuck in my head now – I’ll be singing it all day.

    “Waoowww waooowww waooowww…”

  • nice backhanded comment amid. geeze, could you be more of a grump ?
    i thought that was great. and very funny. thanks for bringing it to me.

  • Steve

    I can see this playing to a full house audience that wants to laugh. Watching it alone is a very different experience.

  • Tony W.

    Is it wrong that I watched it alone and still laughed quite a bit?

  • Param

    I loved it!

  • This short was very funny to me. It is silly. Some may not remember when they were younger and a brother, sister, or friend did something very silly and it made us laugh. Comedy has an “instant critic”; you either laugh or you don’t. That’s it. It is funny that these little forest creatures are so “into” their music, which is rhythmical, & toe-tapping, but actually way off-key. Yet they have a standard of excellence which the little wolf sways away from. How funny. The film uses the brilliant method of wordless body gestures, just like the great actors of the silent films, Chaplin, Keaton, etc. Silliness is a valid form of humor, of course! It is NOT a pointless film, but a humorous one that works. Humor does not always conform to logic or rationality; which squeezes the life out of it. The masters of comedy such as George Carlin, Steve Martin, & Mike Myers were/are philosophers and great intellects, yet they used silliness quite effectively to make millions laugh. All we can advise those of you uptight non-laughers is to lighten up, loosen up, relax, have a beer, kiss somebody, & let it go. Feel your tummies, get out of your heads.

  • What does the title mean?

  • i really love that short movie
    personally i love that simple short animation, feeling not that heavy.
    i love these kinds of clips, don’t need to think seriously, don’t need to find difficult object.
    i’m looking for another logjam clips.
    anyone knows where they are?

  • Mike

    Absolutely LOVE it! If you have a refined sense of humor and are particular about details, you WILL love it. Look at the bear’s expressions, look at how the wolf swings his paws when howling, Genial! and what’s with the hare banging his head so hard? It is pointless but inoffensive and funny! You guys don’t find this funny, meanwhile laugh your ass off when someone farts or “sharts” in a movie, or any physiological “joke” for that matter…