“Les Triolets” by Lucas Nine “Les Triolets” by Lucas Nine

“Les Triolets” by Lucas Nine

My love for bouncy retro-style cartoons has no bounds. This was produced a few years ago (2002?) by Argentine cartoonist and animator Lucas Nine, but I just caught up with it today. This is so good the poor quality of the upload doesn’t spoil it for me.

  • looking at this guy’s blog; holy shit!
    some seriously inspired stuff!

  • Clint H

    Interesting work.

  • Geneva

    I love it! I hope a higher-quality version of it surfaces!

  • x

    And Carlos Nine (Nine Sr.) is just mindboggling


    • Ben

      Damn! That’s some pretty amazing stuff. It’s evocative, slightly disturbing, and playful all at the same time.

  • That was wonderful!

  • The Nines are tens.

  • Fun stuff. Reminds me of the opening sequence of Triplets of Belleville (I wonder which came first).

  • I love this. I want to see it in higher quality!

  • Lucas Nine

    Thanks for the uploading and the review. More funny than the film itself is the way I did it back in 2001-2002 (imagine: two toothpick as animation pins). Soon, I´ll write about it in my blog…
    Of course, it was a sort of hommage to the Fleischer´s way. And it came a little before than “Triplets”, so the coincidence is amazing.

    • Dino

      This is fantastic, and much more than just a celebration of 1920s/30s animation. It’s
      ART! The linework is hilariously great. Any chance this will be available on DVD?

  • Zach Stroeher

    Amazing and his blog is even more jaw dropping!

  • Such FUN!! That early period of Fleischer was unbridled in joyous movement, and always rhythmical. Technology today, on the other hand, while wonderful and used by all of us, has weighed us down in some ways. This film is liberated, so to speak, and is inspirational to me. It also reminds me of NFB in the 60’s and 70’s. In a way, pure creativity.
    Loose as a goose and free as a bird.

  • bob kurtz

    i have been a huge fan of carlos nine art and now i am a fan of lucas nine. what a team! 9+9 =11

  • Lucas Nine

    Yes, but by now only in a very few stores in Argentina (In Buenos Aires city).
    Thanks for the comment.

  • M|3

    That animation just made my day! Loved it. Thanks for posting.

  • Lucas Nine

    In case someone is interested, Santiago Nine just loaded in youtube a short film he animated and Carlos Nine directed: “Creole Love Call”