<em>Light Forms</eM> by Malcolm Sutherland <em>Light Forms</eM> by Malcolm Sutherland

Light Forms by Malcolm Sutherland

It’s easy for the eyes to get lost in this mesmerizing piece of animation by Malcolm Sutherland (The Astronomer’s Dream). Narrative images pop out of some of the abstract forms which makes it that much more exciting to watch. Soundtrack is by Sutherland too.

  • I watched that and I thought about mitochondria and house painting.

  • Very cool. I discovered Sutherland’s “Forming Game” not too long ago, as well.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    i very much enjoyed.

  • I liked this a lot.

  • very pretty, but watching globs revolve
    around an axis lost its novelty
    very quickly.

    adding a very short martian with
    a raygun would have helped

  • Eduard Mitgartz

    This one is fantastic! Make you think about what if Klee or Kandinsky were animators.

  • doug holverson

    Miro microbes!

  • Very interesting to see avant garde minimalism music animated. Which came first, the soundtrack or the film?