<em>Lightheaded</em> <em>Lightheaded</em>


Drips of humanoid wax worship the fire that gave them life, and then risk everything to investigate a mysterious object that lands beyond the next horizon. This is a 40 second trailer for Mike Dacko’s 5-minute short, Lightheaded, currently playing festivals around the country (though sadly not in Ottawa this week). Dacko is an animator at Disney’s ImageMovers Digital Studio (A Christmas Carol).

  • Tim Schuit

    Very cool premise….LOVE the idea of having the one little guy slowly melt away as he provides warmth and heat for the other…..can’t wait to see the full short!

  • Lance

    Here’s hoping Imagemovers some day makes a film as appealing, simple, well an imated, and visually clear as this one.

  • Great work Mike! Congrats :)

  • Paul N

    Ran across this a bit ago online – a terrific concept, and a beautiful short.

  • Nice film, Mr. Dacko.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Looks good.

  • Donomator

    I just saw this at the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival in LACMA this Sunday. It played alongside a film that I did for that festival. Great concept, great effects, great stuff overall.