“Lisa and the Orange Juice” by Nicolas Fong “Lisa and the Orange Juice” by Nicolas Fong

“Lisa and the Orange Juice” by Nicolas Fong

A commissioned film for Oxfam, Lisa and the Orange Juice shows how the organization helps local farmers in South America remain competitive against corporate factory farming. The film is in French, but the director Nicolas Fong communicates the message visually so that it is understandable to any viewer. The production design by the Belgian illustrator Cream is bright and appealing, and graphically reinforces the idea that local farming is better.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Magnifique! Moves like Avery’s classic Symphony in Slang (1951), a French audience favorite.

  • Chouette Nicolas! =D

  • Love the look of it.

  • C’est vachement sympa, Nicolas. Simple et très efficace.

  • Magnifique!

  • The Gee

    Sacre L’orange!

    (which probably makes less sense than Sacre Bleu!)
    The piece does tell the story well. I get it. Maybe not as clearly as I should but I get it.
    It is emphasizing Fair Trade and how it benefits small farmers, the environment, etc?

    I didn’t exactly get the same vibe as Amid that it was about local farmers, exactly, but, the smaller ones everywhere who have to compete globally.

    Oh. It don’t matter none. It is a well-done cartoon and it was a joy to see so much of the color orange without expecting ersatz psychedelia being the thrust of the short. Viva l’orange!

  • Jay

    Awesome work.. Made me smile, practice my french, AND inspire me! :}

  • A.C.

    Nice. UPA design with elements that reminded me of Little Audrey similar “journeys” into scenes.

    Perhaps French speakers can help me out, what’s the blue-jeans bit at the end?