“Little Cars” by Lilian Hardouineau “Little Cars” by Lilian Hardouineau

“Little Cars” by Lilian Hardouineau

I just caught up with this simple but highly effective little “action film”. French director Lilian Hardouineau keeps the focus on camera moves and action rather than modeling, texturing or lighting – and it works just fine for me.

(Thanks, Alae Hatoum)

  • Chris

    I dug it!

  • richard fox

    well, i enjoyed the visual atmosphere
    with the paper cars, etc., but i am
    afraid i got bored with it pretty

  • phil

    Great Sound Design and music choices too! Really pulls it together

  • Zabbot

    This short is abysmal in every conceivable way. Terrible animation, texturing and editing. Clearly the person wanted to make a movie but he/she took every possible shortcut and ended up with a terrible terrible excuse for an animated short. Go back to the drawing table and struggle until you find an idea worth spending some time on and then do just that. Actually spend some time developing characters and story. Spend some time building those characters and then actually devote some work towards animating those character. Find a story worth telling and then progress through the requisite struggle to actually realize that story.


    • ana

      excuse me miss/sir, i may only be a student, but even i know that different people tell different stories in different ways. i don’t connect with this piece either, but not everyone has to have the same intentions of animating as you.

      • Ryoku

        This short had a pretty simple story, but its the simple action and bare-bones modeling that make this a treat.

    • Ryoku

      Whats wrong with a cartoon thats just short, simple, and entertaining?

  • @Zabbot I saw the Cars as characters with great ease, Animating objects as characters is very difficult but when it is done right (like in this short) it shows tone of animations greatest strength.

    I feel a career in cinematography or storyboarding awaits Lilian.

  • I have to disagree with Zabbot. I thought that “Little Cars” was quite well done. Rough – yes, but it had a lot of spirit and action. Face it, it’s nothing more than a car chase, but the roughness adds to it – it didn’t need anything more.

    Loved – LOVED! – the audio choices. Audio is 50% of any production and it was used exceptionally well here.

  • That’s pretty close to my favorite kind of animated thing (except for the bleh music). Gotta lurvs some simulated cod bode.

  • Mike

    Better than a lot of big budget action movies I’ve seen. Well done!

  • Mike

    A French short concerning a chase scene? Now I’ve seen everything!

  • I loved this. Every bit of it. Loved it. Hardouineau and crew are brilliant. The timing was flawless. Angle choice, flawless. It also made me laugh out loud. It’s flat-out great!! Thanks so much for posting.

  • Ryoku

    The French can’t build cars, but they can make good cartoons about cars.

  • Michael

    “The Toe Cutter! He knows who I am!”

  • Gerry

    The timing is far better in this piece than is evident on first viewing. The music choices, while not for everybody, are inspired. The film is no worse than Peter Fonda’s ” Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry” live action feature from the 1970s, and that car movie was a huge commercial hit.

    • Bobby Bickert

      “It was Fox’s top moneymaker for 1974, and it helped finance Star Wars.”