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“Looks That Kill” trailer by Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel

Here’s the stylish new short film/trailer/music video for the Kevin Dart’s latest Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls adventure:

Produced entirely in After Effects using Kevin’s artwork, co-director Coëdel says:

“Our goal here was to upgrade the overall quality compared to the previous film “A Kiss From Tokyo”. To move away from a pure tribute to movies and TV series from the 60s and develop Yuki’s world. Graphics are less sketchy, the animation smoother and we’ve got rid of all the vintage FX (film jump, retro projected backgrounds, etc…). We worked on this film during the little spare time we had, so the production spread out over a year. But the real effective time spent making it was more or less 2 and a half months.”

You can pre-order of Kevin Dart and Elizabeth Ito’s new book Looks That Kill, which includes both animated trailers on DVD, plus several behind the scene extras, at the Yuki-7 website.

  • Huh. Time like this make me wish I knew how to animated in After Effects more than Flash.

    • AE cannot create the ‘artwork’…just make the pretty pictures move around…Flash is more of a traditional animation tool…you can draw the art and make it have the illusion of life.

  • Beautiful. The soundtrack creates over half the appeal, but it’s still great.

  • CC

    I’m so happy to see another Yuki 7 short promotion- the last one was great! Love the full animation in there too. Way to go Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel!

  • WOW – Brilliant work! The limited animation compliments the standout design. Great track – everything about this is prefect.

    Sorry to be so picky.

  • eeteed

    hotter than sunburn!

  • Keith

    So good…

  • I got also sorts of criticism for commenting on the stiff robotic rotational movement found in most Flash animation and on the first Yuki 7. It didn’t do justice to the great graphic design.

    They got it right this time. It’s a beauty!

    • You know I meant ‘all sorts of’ not also sorts of. When they fix user error on computers maybe I’ll be able to use one.

  • Great use of After Effects, and really gorgeous designs. Nice work, guys!

  • I keep watching it over and over! This is incredible! Congrats, Fleet Street!

  • Fab-tastic! I especially like the color design and the dog gag

  • MAN do I wish this was an actual trailer for a feature length film. Much more interesting and beautiful than half the stuff out there.

  • Peter Wassink

    That looks lovely but also familiar… makes me wonder, was Tadahiro Uesugi involved in this?

  • Michel Van

    This is a Masterpiece ! ! !

  • Andy Simon

    Beautiful! Uesugi animated!

  • ed

    For me this is one of those:

    ‘God damn it, this is SO bloody cool, I wish I’D made it’


    highest praise I can give it really – utterly wonderful and very inspiring! :D

  • Ridd

    Wow. Really inspiring. Parts of it have a stop motion feel/look to me. Really cool short. NIce work fellas!

  • Scott B.

    Somebody please pay Kevin Dart and Co. to turn this into a series. “Retro-Cool” — my highest compliment!

  • NICE! Very cool!

  • The Gee


  • This is even better than the still-awesome A KISS FROM TOKYO! The animation is top-notch! (After Effects can do amazing things, even with cut-outs.)

    Can’t wait to see what Kevin, Stephane and the rest will pull off next…

  • tomm


  • Two for two, you two. Congrats!

  • S lou

    Lovely, better then the first! The dancing part really made it.Would surely be interesting to see some slight 3d effects done with the inanimate objects(the car), if not doable in after effects. quite easy to just model and pull it in with as a png sequence