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Lost and Found


Independent animator Jeff Scher (who won the New Media prize in Ottawa on Sunday for his TimesSelect piece L’eau Life) made another little film of note, Lost and Found, by tracing over several bits of Fleischer, Van Beuren and Felix animation. I love stuff like this. It’s fun, and takes nothing away from the original works (and may encourage artier types to take a closer look at classic cartoons).

Here’s a contest for the super-nerds in our readership (and I use the tern super-nerds in the most affectionate way – I’m one, too). Whoever is first to name all the clips rotoscoped in Lost and Found will win a brand new DVD collection: Felix the Cat: The Complete 1958-1959 Series. I will select the winner (at my discretion) from comments recieved today (9/25). Winner will be announced on Wednesday.

  • Very cool animation. Kinda made me a little dizzy though. :)

  • Well, here’s what I spotted, maybe somebody else will ID more:
    Wild Elephinks (Bulls) (Fleischer)
    Jolly Fish (Tom and Jerry)
    Springtime (Iwerks)
    Felix Woos Whoopee
    The Village Barber (Iwerks)
    Happy Hoboes (Tom and Jerry)
    The Cuckoo Murder Case (Iwerks)

    I can’t remember the chewing gum scene, might be a Felix or a Judge Rummy.

  • Jeesum-Petes! Bizzier than a Wal-Mart at Christmas Eve!

  • Might also be some additional jungle animals from FELIX HUNTS THE HUNTER..?

  • What a shame. Though the nytimes.com site doesn’t say so, it would seem the Times’ online videos cannot be accessed on a Mac; nobody at my office could get this to launch (it just displays a rotating “loading” icon forever).
    Has any other Mac user been able to view the film? Not only would I like to see it—I’d like to win that Felix set and save a buck. (Nuanced, me? Nah.)

  • Luke

    The ticket booth scene was from BETTY BOOP’S KER-CHOO.

  • David – I have a Mac and it plays fine on my Powerbook.

  • and the chewing-gum-stuck scene is from “Felix In Hollywood!”

  • John

    The charging bulls look more like they’re from “Strong to the Finich”.

  • Michael

    Worked on my iMac, too. Maybe your office security is blocking the download, considering it spam.

  • Righty-O! It looks like my friend Mark Kausler wins the DVD prize – whether he wants it or not!

  • slowtiger

    David: Plays on Mac nicely here.

  • FP

    Immediate response: All of the video on that page looks like throwaway rotoscope jacking around with no entertainment value. The musical scores seem random, and the symphonic sample sets sound like late 80s Casio synths.

    So, I follow the links and see Scher’s “press clippings” show he is, of course, a “celebrated animation artist”. Why does so much animation embraced by the art community seem designed to trigger epileptic seizures? That thing with the scary vibrating elektro-baby looks like the finale of ALTERED STATES.

  • FP

    Hey! Here’s a Scher cartoon with a soundtrack that actually works with the video:

  • I think FP is wrong about it being “throwaway rotoscope” with “no entertainment value”, it does make its mark in the animation community with its unique technique of watercolors and single frame random newspaper and magazine clips and therefore is worth noting. But this particular piece was a tad too many flashing colors for me, I really liked that Jeff left a lot more white space in L’Eau Life compared to Lost & Found. I thought the music was a little better in L’Eau also. This was a pretty cool piece, although I think L’Eau Life was carried out a little better. Thanks for posting this one, though!

  • Paul N

    I can appreciate the effort that went into it, but I found it unwatchable. It got tedious after the first 30 seconds or so.

  • Robert Schaad

    Hmmm…Strob-o-scopic, isn’t it?

  • I’ve at last managed to access this on a computer outside of the office.
    I figure I’m too late to win the prize, but I can ID a few additional scenes for the hell of it:
    • The sleeping cat with stripy tail, and bugs turning the barber pole are both from Iwerks’ THE VILLAGE BARBER.
    • The haunted house blowing in the wind is from Iwerks’ SPOOKS.
    • The chef presenting a roast chicken is from Felix’s FUTURITZY, though the following shot of piled up roast chickens is not.
    • Luke, I think the ticket booth scene is actually from Iwerks’ SIMPLE SIMON (note Simon’s pet goose running through).