<em>Lui Lui in Amelica</em> by Vera Wing Lui <em>Lui Lui in Amelica</em> by Vera Wing Lui

Lui Lui in Amelica by Vera Wing Lui

Lui Lui in Amelica is a thesis film project by Chinese-born Vera Wing Lui, who graduated this year from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. According to the filmmaker, “Because of her cultural background and the cultural differences she has experienced in America, she created her most recent short films…Since this is a mirror and metaphor to her life, the whole film is all based on true stories.”

Lui worked with Signe Baumane on her “Teat Beat of Sex” series, and like Signe’s films, the Lui Lui cartoons are short, self-contained episodes narrated by the filmmaker. Above is the second episode called “Tattoo.” The first episode is called “Crush Me.” They’re gentle and cute, but with just enough bite to make me want to see more. I don’t know if Vera is continuing production on the series, but Lui Lui does have a blog.

(Thanks, Fran Krause)

  • Doofus

    Vera Wing Lui, you’re a genius :D This is seriously awesome. Made me laugh far more than the average short film! Keep them coming!

  • sean

    Lui youre film reminded me of one of Signe Baumane’s animations, which is good. It was adorable. Im a sucker for pandas and bears in general.

    Doofus: Lui’s is a good short student film…but no offence, it’s generic in style and actually concept. I have actually been told stories like this before. I cant believe you think this is genius as opposed to the previous student work which was completely more original in thought and overall technique. strange. you obviously need a blunt explanation and narrative in order to understand things rather then a surreal non-narrative.

  • Doofus

    Sean, no offense, but i found the previous film so bad, it was painful to sit through for me. That’s not to say anything about how much effort went into the film, that’s a whole another topic of conversation, and kudos for the creator of the film for making it.

    I really actually like surreal non-narrative pieces, when they’re not stuffed with flatulence/penis jokes and thoughtless babble about jewish people and the size of their noses.
    Clearly you enjoy these things more than a simple cultural-based straightforward short. And that’s okay, you’re entitled to your opinion, as am i, sir, don’t you think?

    And yes, i’ve heard stories like this too. While I agree that this is a rather simple short and very straightforward, it’s also very very effective and very fun to watch. I think these shorts would be great on a kid’s TV channel, intended for under 10 year-olds, as I feel that their simple messages are far more funny, interesting and well-served than a lot of other kid’s shows broadcast nowadays. Thus I feel these shorts could actually do some good, while the other short didn’t enrich me in any way, in fact I feel like I killed about 1200 braincells just sitting through it once.
    Mind you, i sat through it because I didn’t want to form an opinion without seeing the whole thing.

    Again, just my $0.02.

    This is from a guy who ingests every bit of media from third-person perspective:
    What kind of a message does this send out?
    When I have kids, would I want them to watch this?
    How would this make their life better and help them develop?
    Or would this damage their thought process in any way?

    Somehow I feel like people forget that as a creator of media, one has the responsibility to create things that build positive cultural elements as opposed to build on ignorance and lack of contemplation. Or maybe I’m wrong and the other person spent hours thinking up the concepts for each individual part of the short and pain-stakingly worked their way through the process, paying attention to detail. But I couldn’t tell. Sorry.

    And no, I don’t like 99% of Family Guy, either, same reason.

  • Hey, Sean! Doofus! Get a room!

    This is a really good film. Well paced, funny, clever. Great use of voice and music. Nice work!

  • happy to see to quality and engaging working coming from my alma mater in philly. nice work!

  • ask

    Is it a coincidence that her film was screened this past Tuesday? *looks at the thanks at the botton* Nope.

  • Iritscen

    Really enjoyed this. If you’re reading this, nice work Vera!

    And I wouldn’t play this for kids, I’d play it for people of all ages! Why discriminate against light-hearted animation and assign it to the 10 year old demographic when anyone would find it funny?

  • Vera’s short is funny because it comes from a place that’s real. that’s the best humor. my favorite part is the holy crab part because of the misheard p and b sound. i’m from vera’s class and she actually only found out it was crap when we explained it to her in class, our teacher and her had the misunderstanding about the segment too. vera is awesome, she’s the next signe baumane.

  • Thank you all!

    Thank you Fran!

    Thank you for all the compliments and arguments! I like it. I like every part of it! At least there are people talking about the film :)

    I have to thank Signe too because she inspires me to do these narrative shorts. I wouldn’t say I am the next Signe cause I still have so so much to learn. But, thank you!

    And, you are awesome too, Vince!

    Check on my blog for more info about Lui Lui and the future episodes!

    http://[email protected]

  • Charming little film(s). I like it.