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“Making Stuff” by Darren Robbie

Aardman veteran Darren Robbie (aka Chopsy) had the idea to make Making Stuff during an agency commercial pitch:

The line came to me while pitching on some commercial or other, and trying to explain what I loved about animation, and what was particularly hard with certain kinds of animation—trying to get that emotional connection out of a basically inanimate object. I think I was also attempting to explain to some agency people that, yes, I could animate a particular foodstuff (even though I didn’t have that on my reel) because, guess what…I’m an animator!

Robbie manages to pack a fun mix of animation techniques (stop motion, time-lapse, pixilation, hand-drawn, sand) into the film’s brief 90-second length.

Camera: Sam Morris
Modelmaking and studio space: Gary & Cat at ScaryCat Studio
Production assistance: Kev Harwood
Post: Emma Kingsnorth at UN1T
Music: Dave Reynaud
Audio track: Mcasso Music Production Ltd.

  • Michael Sporn

    A lot of work but they didn’t make anything.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Nice work. For some reason I’m getting 90’s vibes from it.

  • Jerold Howard

    LOVE THIS! Beautiful work as usual Mr.Robbie!