Mama Don’t Like… Mama Don’t Like…

Mama Don’t Like…

(Thanks Andres Silva)

  • Well, it’s certainly not THE KIDS IN THE SHOE.

  • Ben

    I don’t quite understand what it is about animation fanatics that involves loving racist cartoons.

  • Zee

    Looks like somebody graduated from the John K school of perverted, acid trippy, creepy animation, with a bit racism, and a fart joke thrown in. Yuck. No sir, I don’t like it.

  • uncle wayne

    i thought it was f—g hilarious!!

  • Matt B.

    I really would like to think that people will someday learn that emulating the animation of “good ol’ days” can be done without emulating the backwards, socially outdated racism, sexism and generally ignorant thinking that we have been trying to leave behind for decades.

  • uffler mustek

    i’ll never be able to listen to my Wacky Wakakians 78 the same way again.

    and the world is welcome to say “YUCK” and add adjectives like “perverted, acid trippy and creepy” – but it’s got PERSONALITY. and that’s truly what counts – racist or not.

    and for the record, my likey.

  • Jorge Garrido

    This is a great old song by The Inkspots, there’s nothing racist about it. All the voices were from the 30s recording, and that was the way those guys actually talked. The old style caricatures and black and white are both done for the same reason: they wanted it to look like an old cartoon. (The more 40s style animation is actually anachronistic) I love Mama’s voice, the way she says “Here” sounds like Eric Cartman form South Park.

    The cartoonist is from Ecuador. Maybe you guys don’t know how things are in Latin America, but people still make racial sterotypes on TV and in Children’s shows there. It’s more of a cultural divide. (Remember that Memin Penguin controversy a few years ago? Or when CN banned Speedy Gonzales? It wasn’t the Mexicans complaining, I’ll tell you what…)

    The point of the caricatures isn’t to bring back the stereotypes of the old days, or the racism, the point is to make a joke and look old fashioned. Stop being so racially sensitive, America! (or the world…) It’s ok to laugh at offensive racial jokes every once in a while!

    It’s all in good fun. By the way, I hate how everyone thinks John K invented that kind of animation. Anytime someone attempts it people accuse them of being a Spumco ripoff.

    >I really would like to think that people will someday learn that emulating the animation of “good ol’ days� can be done without emulating the backwards, socially outdated racism, sexism and generally ignorant thinking that we have been trying to leave behind for decades.

    How about that backwards oversensitive PC thinking we`ve been saddled with for the last 30s years that we still haven`t gotten rid of?

  • Paul

    Crappy Flash animation lives on!

  • Well, it has it’s moments. I like the funny drawings, the tone of the humor is not always the best. The mother coming back at the end is not well-staged, just cutting to a rendered close-up of her face doesn’t communicate well and doesn’t really make the story point. There should be a funny beating scene in there!

  • It’s all in good fun. By the way, I hate how everyone thinks John K invented that kind of animation. Anytime someone attempts it people accuse them of being a Spumco ripoff.
    … well yes but this specific cartoon IS and directly Ren & Stimpy inspired, clearly.

  • Bill Field

    I see it as a period piece. If the characters had no ethnicity to their design, yet the audio remain the same, would you still see it as racist?

    From what I’ve learned talking to music aficionados, if the song was created by and for a Black Audience, the movement and art are funny, –get this– BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST PLAIN HUMOROUS- on their own merits. Overthinking and giving credence to accusations of racism, as if it is taking place in present day to ridicule anyone with an African lineage is as offensive to me as the cartoon is to those acting offended by it. Tolerance is a river that runs in both directions.

  • *gives Jorge Garrido a pat on the back* Amen! The “Ren & Stimpy rip off” comments really do get tiring after a while. How is anyone expected to get any better at animating if they don’t have some inspiration? Andres has a style that is evolving with each cartoon and is full of more life than most animation I see other one-man-band animators doing (including mine, which is still too flat for my liking). Oh, and it’s not Flash animation, he draws all the frames and backgrounds up in Photoshop and put them together in After Effects, I believe.

  • FP

    Loved it. Great low-rent, quicky cartoon. Hilarious.

    Is Elmer Fudd a stereotype that should offend white males?

  • uncle wayne

    Pa-leeeeeeeeez spare me all this “racism” foolishness!! Has anyone ever watched BET in the past decade!?

  • I don’t like pieces like that simply because 95% of the entertainment value is due to the music, which the cartoonist has just “borrowed” without even crediting the song writer or performers.

    If you turned off the sound, how great would this cartoon be? It would be pointless.

    The imagery is merely on-the-nose representations of what is going on in the soundtrack. When the music sounds like a guy playing a bass … wow! the animator had the imagination to draw a guy playing a bass for that part! When a performer interjects a spoken comment… by golly, the animator drew a person with his lips moving! The music just about makes all the timing and cutting decisions for the animator.

    It’s freeloading on the creative work of the musicians. It’s the “illustrated radio” that Chuck Jones talked about.

  • Thom

    What was the point of posting this, Jerry? You didn’t write anything about it, and you are not one to keep silent his opinions and thoughts on animation. Now I’m not trying to make a judgment here, but it seems to come across (to me, at least) that this is work that you think has some merit and wanted to share it, but remained silent on your intent on posting in order to dodge being branded with a barrage of “you racist!” style comments. If that is the case (and if it’s not, then I do apologize), then stick by your guns and say something. Say you like it. Tell us about what you find interesting or worthwhile about the design and animation rather than dodging the whole thing because of the obvious elephant in the room that is the old school racial stereotypes.

  • Thom – The film made me laugh. That’s all.

    FYI – I’ve posted things without comment before.

  • uffler mustek

    “Now I’m not trying to make a judgment here but…”


  • beck just summed up all you need. It’s FUNNY. It doesn’t need to be a work of art to be posted here surely? It’s just a fun piece of animation made to kill some time. People around here need to get their heads out of their arses and quite taking everything so seriously.

  • red pill junkie

    My brother-in-law is from Ecuador.

    A lot of things are beginning to make sense now… ;-)

    PS: Just kidding. It is funny. Not Big HA-HA funny, but it’s got its moments.

    Oh yes! Cartoon and Racism. We could fill papes and pages discussing this. For starters I think the very basis of cartoons is using stereotypes, and those are mostly based on the cultural values of a society at the moment the cartoon is made. We have to mindful of the context.

    But, on the other hand, I agree that prejudice is like a beast that slowly grows by feeding from the tiniest, most trivial of things, and if left uncheck it can become a horrible monster.

  • slowtiger

    Well, maybe if I didn’t knew the two songs before … but I knew them, and so for me it’s just “another quite crappy Flash cartoon”. First, I’d never cut those songs. The “Mama don’t like” tells its own story and is quite funny. Second, these songs deserve much better animation. Doing this in an elaborated rubberhose style would be really hard (and JK just wrote about that, coincidentially). Third, the design isn’t good enough for my taste.

  • Micah Baker

    I went to school with a sweet girl from yon Latin America. For one of her assignments she had a little tribal black character. Big lips, big rump, grass skirt, and I think even a bone in his hair but it’s been a while since I saw it.

    She came back from her crit just plain bummed. After a month or more on that project the teachers informed her it was not wise to have that on a reel. That it was racist.

    She looked at me and sadly stated that she loves the folks like that who were her neighbors.

    It is a “thing” that other cultures have. If some of you aren’t man enough to take it that’s fine. I know my poor little school didn’t have the C. O. Jones to help her out–because they were afraid.

    But Jerry makes the best point. It’s funny. It’s got some damn fine giggles in there.

  • Ben

    Please people, spare me the Carlos Mencia-esque “I’m being oppressed by the PC police” speech. As if PC ever had an effect aside from an odd 5 minutes during the 90’s. I’ve heard more people complain about being stifled by political correctness than actual gripes about being politically correct. 30 years- come on. The 80’s was full of offensive crap. Have you watched Eddie Murphy “Raw”, it’s funny but nobody even bats an eye when he makes some pretty wretched AIDS jokes.

    Nobody is saying this song is racist, but the fact that the animator heard the song which obviously sung by black people, and then thought “hum what would go good with this- gee BIG FLAPPING LIPS”. That’s what’s racist. And lazy faced fellow in the cartoon is also an old time stereotype.

    Don’t try to draw a comparison to Elmer Fudd- that’s just playing dumb. Do you really think you can compare the Anglo Saxon white male experience in this America to that of the Black experience. You do realize there is no history of white faced minstrel shows, right? If Elmer Fudd were a drunken red nosed Irish stereotype, then you might have some weight behind your argument, but he’s not and you don’t.

    And just because the animator isn’t from America does not excuse the content. Ignorance does not excuse racism. Just because something hateful is embedded in a culture does not negate it being hateful. That’s comparable to excusing any hateful action against blacks in the past as merely “part of the culture in America” at the time. “Remember how they would sick the canine unit on civil rights protesters back in the 60’s- oh they weren’t racist, that was just the way American culture was at the time”.

    When it comes to humor, I’m not one to back down. I’ll dish out some jokes that most America would find pretty offensive. But this isn’t satire, this isn’t irony, this is just straight up racism.

    And his follow through on the flapping lips isn’t even done well.

  • I would concur with Robert, but it actually gets pretty funny visually at 00:47.

    About the racism thing…meh, I think I won’t be offended if I were black. Yes, they look weird and ridiculous, but all characters in makinita cartoons look like that. These ones have big lips but then again it’s true that black people have usually that facial characteristic…

  • uncle wayne

    You guys, um….are all going gooney! It’s a cartoon! Lighten the —- UP, will ya!??

  • Anne

    Oddly, the racism didn’t irk me as much as the fact that this cartoon is trying waaaay too hard to be funny.

    The crudeness of the animation is also an issue. If the artist is going to do this crazy, uber-cartoony style, they’re much better off going the traditional route and drawing by hand, rather than relying on a program like Flash, whose limitations are going to hurt the quality of their final product unless they know how to use it extremely well.

  • Bill Field

    OK– Now I’m just plain pissed off. I have seen many Marlon Brando inspired characters– all with big lips, because MARLON HAD HUGE LIPS. He was not African American. BEN says
    “When it comes to humor, I’m not one to back down. I’ll dish out some jokes that most America would find pretty offensive. But this isn’t satire, this isn’t irony, this is just straight up racism.”

    If you believe that– then by your own thinking Elmer Fudd is also a racist stereotype. A general caricature of Anglo-American Male’s is redneck, gun-toting fools who would rather shoot first and ask questions later, remember Dick Cheney’s Hunting Incident? “Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting Wawyers!”

    My Hispanic friends and relatives love Speedy Gonzales, Time Warner has used him in Three Regional Ad Campaigns for Six Flags. I don’t think he’s a slap in the face of Cesar Chavez– I don’t think Fat Albert is a slap in the face of Martin Luther King Jr. We must move forward and that just means respecting each other– laughing with one another and loving our stereotypes in a healthy way CAN be done. Don Rickles taught me that—- Ya Hockey Pucks!

  • Mark Borok

    It’s kind of monotonous.

    I don’t mind animators who don’t know their craft yet (I’m one of those), but a lack of imagination can’t be put down to inexperience.

  • Anne

    Wait…scratch that…I mean a program like *photoshop.* Or any computer program, for that matter.

  • uffler mustek

    These long winded responses are hard for me to take. If you can make your point in less than SIX PARAGRAPHS, i might read it.

  • Rick Farmiloe

    The ONLY thing likable about this cartoon is the music! Try watching it silent and I guarantee you’ll push the STOP button! But…everyone has different tastes. So no offense to those who like it.

    As for ‘uffler’s’ comment, All I can say is…..racial humor can be funny if it’s clever and not mean spirited. Racism is NEVER funny as far as I’m concerned….Unless you feel the Klu Klux Klan is just an earlier version of Monty Python…..just my two cents.

  • Dock Miles

    >I think I won’t be offended if I were black.

    Why, some of my best imaginary selves are black.

    I laffed at this as much as anything in the too post-post-post-post-post-everything animation.

  • uffler mustek

    i agree with Rick F. if handled properly, racism (or at least pointing out ALL OF OUR differences) can be pretty funny – as long as it comes from a good place.

  • Bug

    Hey guys, we already have a site for posting gigantic a-hole reviews – its called IMDB.

  • Juan Alfonso

    I still prefer the cartoon that I originally heard a modified version of the “Mama doan “llow” song.I think it may have been a Fleischer cartoon,involving a bunch of kids playing with home made musical instruments.
    As for Speedy Gonzalez,he was pointedly referred to as a Texas mouse throughout my childhood.Go figure!
    Leave the racist stereotypes to the old cartoons,where they reveal the attitudes of the time when they were made.

  • red pill junkie

    “I don’t think he’s a slap in the face of Cesar Chavez.”

    ….quién? ;-)

    I’m mexican. I like Speedy Gonzalez. Don’t have a problem with that character or with people who like the character. I would though have a problem with someone who would make their judgement about México based SOLELY on Speedy Gonzalez. But that would not be Speedy’s fault.

  • Mick Collins

    Since it doesn’t look as if any other black folks have commented yet, I thought I’d add my two cents:

    After 40+ years of seeing stereotypes like this in cartoons, from the dawn of animation through today, I’ve just gotten used to it. No amount of protesting will change anything, so I, and I suspect most black people, just roll with it these days. Sometimes, it’s kinda cool, like the Mills Brothers bit in Tex Avery’s ‘Magical Maestro’ (which I note has enough racial stereotypes to offend *everybody*), but usually, it just is, and we roll our eyes and wait for something better to happen. To be frank, blacks have been stereotyped in visual media for so long, I don’t think we *expect* a decent portrayal any more.

    For the record, I will be showing the short to my (black) friends, whereupon we will then most likely make a number of biased and stereotypical comments about the talent, relative intelligence, and parentage of the animator. I mean, it’s only fair, isn’t it?
    –that was a joke, kids.

  • I thought the racism wasn’t serious. I thought it was there to have an ironic, grotesque look back at them good ‘ol days of our animation history that maybe gets glossed over a lot.

    And what should cartoon animation be about other than the grotesque?

    I thought it was pretty good.

  • Adam

    Slightly off topic: are the Country Bears of the infamous audioanimatronic Jamboree meant to be racial stereotypes of stupid, fat white people who only like depressing music and gun violence?

  • Bill Field

    Adam says:

    Slightly off topic: are the Country Bears of the infamous audioanimatronic Jamboree meant to be racial stereotypes of stupid, fat white people who only like depressing music and gun violence?”

    “I was drunk the day my Mama got out of prison…” Click- click- Why? dew yew haive a priblim wich dat?– throw me dat bagga pork skeens– I’m apickin—-‘an I’m agrinnin’!

  • this guy made his own cartoon and spent time on it. that is more than can be said for probably 80 percent of the people that commented on this post. i commend him for making a cartoon and i look down upon the people that feel they need to critique the hell out of every single thing that doesn’t meet their standards.

    you guys should try making your own cartoons once in a while (all by yourself) and see how far you get.

  • I wouldn’t say that this cartoon is exactly my favorite thing but I’m glad it’s here because it’s such a minor grass-roots production without anything self-conscious about it. There’s totally a place for that. I wouldn’t call it racist by a long shot. It’s caricature befitting of a time when ethnic portrayals were commonplace in America on many fronts, including Iris, Jewish, etc.

    There’s a huge abyss between this kind of consciously anachronistic treatment and anything truly hateful and to mix it up is of no benefit to anyone but nincompoops.

    I’m amazed that anyone would get their knickers in a twist over it… well maybe not that amazed.

  • Joe

    What is racist about this short? It’s just a bunch of characters dancing around. If they were colored green and red would you say the same thing? Or pure white for that matter? Yeah I don’t think so!


    Not the best animation but it was ok. Give the guy a break I doubt the guy is in his home country going 2 kkk meetings or anything like that, jeez its a cartoon. He made it so we can laugh at the cartoon not at black people.

  • To David – At least Mark and I qualify as having actually MADE cartoons. I don’t know if that amounts to the remaining 20%, but having been through it, we can offer “constructive” criticism since we do have credibility and knowledge that the average fan does not have.

  • Jpox

    It’s a funny flash animated cartoon that this guy has put a lot of work into. He tried his best to capture the look and feel of the early Golden Age cartoons, and I think he did here and there. The song used is from the 30s, so it’s probably available in the public domain. Yes, it could be offensive to some people, but let’s just enjoy it for enjoyment’s sake. I give kudos to the creator of this short. It has funny art and animation. Keep up the good work.

  • red pill junkie

    To Andrés “Makinita” Silva:

    You know what would be REALLY funny bato?

    A cartoon about Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales and your own president Rafael Correa, portrayed as the 3 Stooges!

    PS: Oh I forgot, there’s a law in Ecuador that prohibits insulting or making fun of the president. Qué poca madreeee… :-(

  • Jay

    Why is it anytime a “black” character is in a cartoon, it’s instantly racist? Someone said because the two characters act lazy, a stereotype. So you’re telling me there’s not a single lazy black person in the world? You hear that everyone? From now on, if you want to have a lazy character in your cartoon, better not make ’em black!

    Better not draw them with big lips, because there’s certainly no black people on this planet with big lips!

    You know what, I’ve actually come to understand why these cartoon executives filter out everything that makes a cartoon good. Most people are apparently offended by EVERYTHING!

    Is it any wonder these executives have test screenings, and end up taking out everything that could be considered funny? Who wants to deal with these people who are offended by everything? As it is, I bet people STILL find things to be offended by.

    And that’s how political correctness has f***** the world.

  • Erik

    What is this racist nonsense! As one of the few African American animators in this business I DO NOT find this funny or even drawn well.
    I love Cartoon Brew but this is not cool.

  • For the latin american artists referenced above who are drawing characters like that because they “love” their black coutrymen… do they even remotely resemble those caricatures? I doubt it. It’s just a stale convention lifted from stale USA art practices. A crutch.

    As I see it, they’ve taken some american music and slapped on some american graphic cliches and added nothing original of their own to merit this getting a second look.

  • ray – that is why i said 80 and not 100. I know there are people out there that have indeed made and worked on their own shorts. constructive criticism is no doubt a good thing. But as for the rest of the commenters i’d much rather seeing them putting their energy towards something productive than tearing down dudes who ARE trying to do something.

    As long as the majority of people working in animation are complacent turd polishers working on shows/films for executives (void of creativity/fun) then the poor quality of animation content will continue.

  • Bill Field

    Erik- Should the mini-series “ROOTS” be digitally reworked to make everyone white? The cartoon is a period piece, look at the costuming- a zootsuit, coveralls, 40’s era women’s clothing. My family was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Revoloution in the Sixties, as an infant at what was to be a peaceful rights march, while in my Mom’s arms, I got a cut on my head from a hurled can(by a deputy who was supposed to be protecting the marchers), as my mother was called horrible names, because she believed it was absoloutely neccessary to change long held racist views. I’m in a mixed marriage and have been threatened by racists of color. I’m aghast that you have no tolerance, nor a sense of humor that can see beyond black and white.

  • Andrew Lee

    Well, whether or not the guy was just trying to be funny, or racist, he got people to notice his stuff.

    Some old timer once told me, “If you want to get noticed, be the best at what you do….but if your not that good, piss off a ton of people and you’ll achieve the same effect.”

    …it’s definitely not words to live by… but apparently it works.

  • John

    Stiff, joyless, ugly animation paired with a vintage song doth not a good cartoon make.

  • Juan Alfonso

    I have given thought to ask Milton Knight’s permission to draw Hugo Chavez as his character Hugo.
    Funny,I always thought that the poor quality of animation lately had more to do with the quality of the writing,not the animators or storyboard artists.
    I’d love for Ecuador to have it’s own animation studios,as long as they don’t produce endless variations of Condorcito.What happened to the argentinian and mexican animetion studios?The only latin outfit I’ve seen function lately is Spain’s Milimetros.

  • Zee

    I’m not black. My girlfriend is. She finds this offensive. She also finds the old cartoons from the 40’s that this thing is supposed to inspired from offensive. Don’t give me this bullshit about “If I was black I wouldn’t find it offensive.” You are NOT BLACK, so you don’t get why it is offensive. I don’t care what country this came from, it doesn’t change what the content is. I love COAL BLACK and de SEBBEN DWARFS, little black sambo and all the other old cartoons. I saw nothing wrong with them at all, until I was able to see how my girlfriend reacted. It’s not about being PC. That is such an easy cop out. If you are not the target of the racism, then you do not have the right to say it is not offensive, because you wouldn’t know.

  • Bill Field

    Zee, by your own mentioned standards, you have no right to lecture anyone either- you and I aren’t black but in mixed race relationships, it still doesn’t make us Black, nor give us the right to act holier than thou. According to studies on racial tolerance, there are the same % of racists in every racial sector of mankind. So, calling one racist because they are tolerant and not outraged, but caucasian, hispanic, asian, et al- well is by definition racism itself. Defending one race, while taking swipes at another race, which you are spouting- THAT’S RACIST. I understand it can be upsetting to see less than flattering portrayals of your race– that’s why I never intend to watch the movie, DELIVERANCE- absolutely just as demeaning to Anglo Saxons as blackface can be, and Joe Jitsu can be and GoGo Gomez, to the races they depict. BS is the intolerance and browbeating that your uninformed (AKA ignorant) opinion ignites.

  • red pill junkie

    “What happened to the argentinian and mexican animetion studios?The only latin outfit I’ve seen function lately is Spain’s Milimetros.”

    Well, I can only say that one of the most succesful mexican studios right now are Quality Films, who have a website called, and that in 2006 released a feature film: “Una película de Huevos”.

    This movie was very succesful in the movie theaters, although I personally didn’t bother to see it, as I consider that the guys of huevocartoon rely more in jokes of double meaning (what we in Mexico call “ALBUR”) than in the quality of their animation. Then again, I have laughed with their flash animation shorts, especially with the one about Los Huevos Poetas:

    If you know any spanish, and take in mind that HUEVOS is one of the more heavily used word in a mexican’s vocabulary (the other ones being GÃœEY & MADRE) you’ll understand why these guys are so succesful despite their lack of quality animation ;-)

  • Joe

    I’m still waiting for someone to tell me how this is racist. I’ll even settle for why it is offensive. And don’t assume anything that isn’t shown to you in the short. This isn’t a Ralph Bakshi film where you know the characters are African American because they are presented as such. ie they tell you they are.

  • To the people actually making the ridiculous point that this isn’t racist because it’s an accurate parody of what black people really look like, here’s a picture of the Inkspots…the guys who did this song.

    ^ Hey look! They aren’t a bunch of ugly giant lipped minstrel-era stereotypes! They’re actually a bunch of good looking, well dressed, clean cut guys who just happen to have brown skin! Go figure!

    Why didn’t the guy behind this cartoon draw those guys instead of going for lazy generic stereotypes?

  • OM

    …Well, after this one, nobody better complain about Coal Black or The Brothers Matzohreilley again :p

  • Chris leonido

    well i don’t think this should be banned there is nothing wrong with it is just three swinging blacks . Nothing wrong. HUBBA HUBBA Lol

  • Bill Field

    Brothers Matzoreilly are, Jewish, Irish, and Chinese– I’m one of those
    and I love these guys. Confusion say- Luck of the OyVey!(sp)

  • RR

    I for one don’t hate this because I think it’s racist.

    I hate this because it sucks.


  • “If you turned off the sound, how great would this cartoon be? It would be pointless.”

    …similar sentiments here suggest that the music was “slapped on” just as an excuse to make this sorry piece. This is not a good argument. If it were, then Fantasia with all it’s “unoriginal” music and Warner’s use of their music properties, including Raymond Scott’s stuff, would render all those cartoons some sort of bastardized works too. –Not to mention the stuff that Fleisher’s did with Cab Calloway/ Louis Armstrong music to excellent effect, etc.

    I’d like to know who made the rule that animation has to follow an original score to be legitimate.

  • For those of you offended by this animated film, here’s another recent animated music video you might like better – and this one has a more positive message:

  • It’s official. This really is the decade of sanctimonious chest-thumping. Everyone spends so much time trying to prove that they’re better than everyone else that they forget that maybe, just MAYBE, they have a few flaws of their own. Hopefully in the next decade people won’t be in such a rush to shame and ostracize each other.

  • Bill Field

    Jerry, that music video linked above is the FUNNIEST thing you have EVER pulled! It IS a very positive message! I don’t want to spoil it anymore than I may have in the first sentence. One warning though — swallow any liquid you may have in your mouth (in my case it was hot coffee) before you watch it. You are da Brew-Dawg, dog!

  • Daniel Mata

    Are the caricatures in that rap video just as offensive as the caricatures in “Mama Don’t Like…”? Are the caricatures in the rap video not offensive because it has a positive message?

    I like both shorts, especially “mama.” I love music from that era, no matter what race. I also like caricatures, no matter what race. They are caricatures. All cartoon characters are. People have to take into consideration that caricatures are all about exagerrating features to make the piece funny. If you look, both are exagerrating the same features, just differently.

    Is one more acceptable than the other because its more modern? I personally don’t think so. One is telling people to read, the other is playing around with a great song.

  • Just out of curiousity, are there any BLACK people here unable to see anything racist whatsoever about lazy black cartoon characters with lips half the size of their faces?

    Because I’m assuming it’s only white people saying this.

  • Bill Field

    David McG- Several commenters here that have seen beyond the 18th century thinking, are African American– You know the saying about when you ASSUME… right? There are 4 characters in the video, 2 are characteristically slow, dumb and lazy- the other 2 are not, so you lump all 4 characters together when you say Lazy as all character inclusive. You also exagerate their lip-size.
    To top it all off you imply that ONLY white people are racist, when racism is in equal %’s in every country and culture- making it a human nature trait that is not tied to race.Funny – Lazy is a choice, not something your’e born as. You perpetuate the very stigmas and stereotypes you claim to be appalled by– Too bad you’re racist about White people, in the words and assumptions you make about them.

  • Whoa, there.
    I think some people here aren’t recognizing racism, but I’m not calling them racists. I just think it’s ignorance.

  • This is great. I think who ever did this had a lot of fun, acting on the feeling you get from really loving a song (the ink spots is great BTW). That’s what we need more of this animation for fun instead of perfect, political correct, commercial value with nicely clean lines and clean curves and neat rendering and people spending half their life at the workdesk.

    ManekiNeko: Totally agree

    DavidMcG: I would hang out with “lazy black cartoon characters with lips half the size of their faces” over you any day, slapping the bass, forgetting mama is coming home. They seem like a cool crowd I’m loving them, can’t see any racist in having fun with them.

  • Soulmatrix

    First and formost black people do not look like that so if you are going to draw a cartoon be accurate ( precise). You have never walked down a street and saw a black person that looked like that Art or not. These are hate images period! The men that original drew these images were racist. Draw something else. Take a look a lot of old records from the 40’s and 50’s. ask you self this question why when see a record created by a black person why are they smiling showing all there pearl white teeth. The answer is the record companies that produced there albums were racist who wanted to perpetuate this sort of Sambo Image same as your precious Mamma don’t like cartoon…. Wasn’t funny then ain’t funny now. Don’t give a damn if these images bring back old memories for me and my people those images were racist and they still are. Draw Reality not fantasy. I don’t know not one black person that looks like that, and you don’t either, uncool!

  • Anthony C.

    Matt B. said it best, and I agree (also because I’m African-American)-

    I’m all for no holds barred in animation-but seriously, don’t use it as a damn crutch for this kind of garbage. We’re were way past the offensive blackface days.