“Maria’s Journey” by Miguel Gallardo “Maria’s Journey” by Miguel Gallardo

“Maria’s Journey” by Miguel Gallardo

Maria’s Jourey is an engaging and enlightening animated short by Barcelona-based illustrator Miguel Gallardo describing his daughter’s autism. It’s a perfect example of how eloquent a medium animation can be for describing concepts that are not easily describable. The short was animated at La Pera Animación by Pere Hernández and Javier Vaquero.
(Thanks, Jakob Schuh)

  • Very good film about this difficult theme, also a very refreshing graphical language (like the Miro bits in the dream parts). Funny coincidence, though, that he too says his daughter comes from another planet – which is similar to “My little brother from moon” by Frédéric Philibert from 2007 (can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOyl50id7aA)

  • nnc

    I have autistic cousins, so this really hits close to home. The film is absolutely beautiful and Maria sounds like a beautiful and super sweet girl!

  • Truly wonderful. I have a brother with autistic traits and this film perfectly captures the nature of the condition. Like “slowtiger” says the graphical language (especially the Miró skit) is lovely and well suited to convaying the difficult subject matter in a light accessible way. Thanks for posting this!

  • Posie O’Grady

    Great! This is what UPA would be doing if they weren’t defunct.

  • Uli Meyer

    Watching this wonderful film, my eyes became all teary… my 10 year old boy is autistic and there are so many things familiar.
    Thank you for posting this.

  • Bravo.

  • Emily

    Loved it. Great simple design, too.

  • How wonderful! Thank you, Amid.


  • I love how Flash, After Effects and the internet is creating more filmmakers around the world:) New stories, interesting styles and different lenses. I love it!

  • agree that it is simply wonderful. thank you guys for posting this!

  • Jorge R. Gutierrez

    Thank you for sharing that. This little gem made my day.

  • Martin Juneau

    My doctress have also pictograms to explain the needs and feelings of each one which i can’t always describe in words. (I’m autistic too in case you haven’t notice.) But this film is very touching with great animations and styles. Thanks for sharing that!