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“Marooned On Watango Island” By Lluis Fuzzhound

Self-taught Australian animator Lluis Fuzzhound‘s Marooned On Watango Island is a loving tribute to the Cartoon Modern style, complete with jazz and tiki.

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  • Brilliant!! Lluis is one of the greatest people in all of Australia, without a doubt.

  • Simple and beautiful! I wish animation today looked more like this. Good job :)

  • And he’s self-taught…wow.

  • Bud


  • very fun and surreal :) salvador dali and Bob Clampett would be proud! :) very good work :0

  • Thanks heaps for the comments!! hehe Glad you’re all diggin’ it! and thanks Amid for posting it!! your book Cartoon Modern is awesome!!

    • This is awesome, nice work! May I ask the name of the music used for the fade out at the end?

      • Thanks mate! yeah the song at the end is by The Originals and is called “Sleepless Hours”, it’s a great song!!

      • Ah thanks alot! I remember hearing it sampled elsewhere years ago, but could never track it down!

  • HOLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you nailed it bro!!! how you designed the sun is ENOUGH to blow my mind away! i don’t even need to watch the entire short (but i can see myself watching it a million times now) to give my opinion. The textures are awesome! everything is awesome! Being a long time citizen of Cartoon Brew i’ve never been so happy.

    Thank you Lluis! for creating such a wonderful masterpiece and thank you too Amid for posting it here on the brew!..this is indeed an awesome tribute to your book. I’ve always been a rabid fan of the Modern Cartoon style. It took me a while to acquire the book here in my place but it was worth it! and seeing Lluis’ work just brightened up my day! I hope you could create more!. Awesome work! keep it up!

  • Bill Perkins

    Terrific work. A LOT of fun.

  • Boom-Boom Tiki-Tiki! :)

  • Phenomenal.

    More please…

  • KB

    yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy !! Awesome !

  • All Lluis’ stuff is real and fun! He’s been a big influence on me for a couple years, and he’s me best pal! Way to go, man!

  • What a charming short. Loved it!

  • Thanks to all for the nice comments!! means a lot!! I’m glad everyone is enjoying it!

  • Careless Navigator

    I gotta say Lluis is so slick in the simplest possible way. I dig every second of it.

  • This is wonderful work! I love the pipe smoking timed to the music!

  • Doug Holverson

    Was some of that music recycled from “Stop Driving Us Crazy” and Seely? I loved it! Does anybody have a track listing? Thanks!

    • Yeah the first two tracks are recycled from “Stop Driving Us Crazy”, good spotting! it’s great music, so expressive! the other tracks are from some rare exotica records I have, I’ll find the title and let you know! cheers!

  • It’s more like Zagreb than “Cartoon Modern” unless you considered Zagreb part of that phase.

  • Michael Polvani

    I’ve GOT to ask…….how did you get the film grain look in that????
    Is it a feature in After Effects?

    • Hehehe glad you liked it! no it’s not a feature in After Effects, I made it myself.

  • Zabbot

    Great work. And I too would like to know how you achieved that great vintage film grain.

  • Brilliant work! Absolutely brilliant! And the music. The timing! Great, work, man! :D