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“Me, the King & My Daddy” by Azadeh Moezzi

Great animated films can be created anywhere. Case in point: this inventive 13-minute cut-out-style short, animated, illustrated and directed by Iranian Azadeh Moezzi. Azadeh, a professional animator, illustrator and painter, recently created her first film as director, co-producing in collaboration with Tehran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center, DEFC). The full short is online on (on the “Watch Videos” page of their online animation festival). The trailer is posted the below.

  • Josef


  • Guz

    Not be a pain in the butt… But I really didn’t like it. The animation is not good and the trailer is not telling a story at all…

    But the style and illustration are good, in my opinion.

  • rima

    a touching story is told by very nice style of illustration and imagery…

  • brian brain

    oh!this is good stuff created by seemingly a simple animation program, here is real ART!