“MechaWhales” by Hauke Scheer “MechaWhales” by Hauke Scheer

“MechaWhales” by Hauke Scheer

Hauke Scheer is a character designer from Germany, designing 3D characters for computer games, animation and advertising. He just completed this test film for his latest idea, Mechawhales – about whales in giant mechasuits protecting humanity from evil aliens. It’s ridiculous, but no nuttier than most TV cartoons of the 1980s. Check it out:

  • Ardford Ray

    Ah, so this is what “Whale Wars” should have been? I hope this has a future.

  • JulianKaruk

    My 2 grandkids really like this.

  • That was awesome!

  • Rapaz

    The concept reminds me of David Brin’s Uplift, but geared to kids. Really interesting animation!

  • This is either the worst or absolute greatest idea to ever happen. Either way, I want to see this. (Also, I’m leaning towards “greatest.”)

  • Can’t wait to see the Beluga Commandos and Admiral Blue(whale)! :D

  • Um… folks might enjoy the original Uplift concept in my novel Startide Rising ..(1981) winner of the Hugo and many other awards.

    Dolphins and whales, in space, defending humanity? Yep, all there. And now in 25 languages around the world.

    By all means, create new stuff! Great new adventures. But cite your sources….

    With cordial regards,

    David Brin
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