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“Meet Buck” by Team Cerf

Here’s a new film from Team Cerf, a group of animation students who recently graduated from the French animation school Supinfocom:

Buck is an ordinary guy. Well…except the “deer head” thing. And today, Buck is gonna spend this cool Sunday afternoon with his girlfriend who’s so happy to see him (she’s pretty much always happy). But when Buck find out that her father is not the sympathetic and tolerant guy he expected, the Sunday afternoon turns really bad.

Although not made by the same group of artists, the film is connected to an earlier short we plugged on Cartoon Brew called Salesman Pete.

Directed by Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent E Sousa and Laurent Monneron

Sound Design by Julien Begault

Music by Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine

  • I thought that rocked awesomely. Lovely painterly look for the 3D. Awesome.

  • Man, that’s great!

  • Peter Wassink

    Very Impressive work!

    i must admit i am ever so slowly getting tired of yet another brilliant show-off chase short from France.
    They are starting to blend into each other like an endless, perfectly executed, chase-scene.
    Whispering like in a nightmare: you will never animate something this cool.

    • TV Animator

      This is my favorite comment I’ve ever read on CB.

  • Dan

    Will the french students ever get tired of chase scene?
    seriously it’s getting really boring :(
    it’s like seeing the same movie again and again and again!
    anyway the artworkk and animation was cool
    but please guys stop the chase scene movie type.

  • Inching Forward

    I love that look. Does anyone know what tools they used? Their site and blog is full of amazing artwork. It must be awesome to create and inspire!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    It’s hard NOT to see the Hunter/Dad as a dig at action-happy gun-toting pickup-truck-driving America where Sarah Palin shoots caribou on her cable TV show. OK, I may be thinking too politically about a well-done animated short, but that’s what animal stories have done since Aesop: tell truths about humans.

  • PeteR

    Another French student film more preoccupied with chases and style than character. Cute, but not particularly engaging. Don’t they teach Character Animation at colleges anywhere any more?

  • WOW !!!

  • Iritscen

    Wow, I am blown away by this. Fantastique! I noticed their Thanks at the end include Valve for Team Fortress 2. Some of you may know the look of the game, thanks to Valve’s “Meet the Team” videos (I see that Jerry is linking in the Related Posts section to the Meet the Spy video that was featured on the blog). I’m a huge fan of the game’s aesthetic so I can definitely see its influence (inspiration?) in this short, although they’ve taken the “painterly” approach even further here and it looks positively faboo.

  • Now that’s a cartoon!

  • Incredible! Why can’t we see more CG movies that look this stylized??

    • Timanim

      From what I’ve learned in my concept classes, short format films rely heavily on style and pizazz with simple narratives, whereas long format feature length films usually need to have more depth in terms of story and characters in order to hold interest.

      • Matt

        That doesn’t mean that ‘a stylised approach’ to the visuals of a film should in any way be restricted only to those of a certain length, format, audience or content.
        Art is about choices, and choosing what style the visuals will have is paramount to an art form that is based strongly on ‘visual’ story telling.

        I don’t think anyone in Hollywood has the brass dangly-bits to really push experimenting with the 3D/CGI process to the extent where they have the confidence to choose NOT to use global illumination and 3 point lighting in a feature film.

  • As a student of supinfocom I should say that we do other things that chase scenes, this shortfilm is one of seven or eight that came out this year, and maybe the only “chase type” one… I think it’s really cool

  • MichaelHughes

    In a world were you can’t count on anything, it’s nice to see French animation students make a chase sequence film again.

  • Great short! I found myself continually pausing the short to get a better look at the characters which were great. The whole style was really cool, I really liked the paint job the characters had. The story was fun.

  • Dave Knott

    So inspiringly fun. That animation has joie de vivre all over it. Energetic, caricatured movement. I echo Mike–LOVE the painterly textures in the art direction. And funny! Great work!!! I think I want to go back to school.

  • Scott J

    Wow another comment about french students making chase scenes. How original.

    You guys do realize there are more than just 4 french cg animation students out there making these films every year?

  • Sherrie

    I loved the look! Very fun and appealing and the designs were great.

  • Stylized painterly 3d texture maps, 3d’s answer to UPA stylistic breakthroughs. Nice to see a different look, now can this hold up in a feature film? France seems to have enough talent over there….

  • Yes I also was blown away by this piece. Man, the standard for thesis films must be sky-high if anyone can quibble about too many chase scenes! I thought it was beautiful and damn funny (see: Character Animation).

  • There’s some amazing talent in France. These student films look as good or better than most of the professional stuff.

  • sam

    neat animation & look! But i also think the french storytellers need another theme!

  • That’s the most appealing animation I’ve seen in these European school shorts, not that I’ve seen many.

  • WOW! Great short. Is the music original or part of another song adapted for the film? Love the baseline and surf feel.

  • dr. truth

    Would it kill these french guys to invest in a crazy thing called “story” and “characters” instead of these over the top chase scenes. It really is boring.

    • Sat

      It’s a student short. My guess is that they’re focusing on showing off skills for jobs they’re interested in (animation, technical stuff, design, concept art and visuals), not making great stories. So a chase scene work great. Hopefully they’ll team up with some great writers in the future and the world will be saved. Either that or the world of short films will continue to be dominated by students.

    • ZN

      I’ve seen over 100 animated shorts in the past year. The majority of them have characterization on par with this film. I just don’t get the complaint. The medium is suited for simple, relateable situations, not Persepolis.

  • Lyle

    SO beautiful!!!

  • Geneva

    Snazzy stuff! There were some really lovely and slick moments of business.

  • ted

    Anyone remember the video for Fallout Boy’s Sugar we’re going down swinging? Cause the premise for that is pretty damn close to this…

  • GOD I love these shorts! They’re just SO much fun! Wonderful to see some non-literal 3D as well. Chock full of style and just beautiful to look at. And sure, for the nay-sayers, I’d love to see something this cool looking in the context of a great character driven story, but until then, I’ll enjoy this!

  • Ben K.

    Just amazing.

  • dammn funny and well done!

  • This is a fantastic short! Honestly, how are student pushing the boundaries of visual style but all the CG features we see all look the same? If you turned these kids loose with a budget that was a fraction of any mainstream feature, I bet they would come back with something really incredible.

    And for all the people complaining about story, the story WORKS. Setup, action & gags, payoff. That’s pretty much an ideal short.

  • Kyle

    Great design and movement. Well done. I am tired of the “hunter as mindless, moronic brute” theme often used in animation. You’d think that everyone working in animation is a vegan.

  • Mclovin

    what’s with all the haters? chase scene or not, it’s still incredibly entertaining

  • Warhead

    This is the sort of expressive CG I should be seeing!

  • I’ll bet 10-1 that every other guy wishes their girl was as happy or friendly as the one shown here…

    Otherwise, fantastically fun! :D

  • This is such a great work…the Style reminds me a little bit of the old Monkey Island Games. Fantastic work!!!

  • Dan

    I really don’t get how anyone can throw criticism at a piece this polished and enjoyable because it follows a proven formula. I think there was plenty of character and good ideas in this. If all you can say is I don’t like “chase shorts” after seeing this… I wonder how jealous you actually are?

  • Vincent Tilghman

    This is one of my favorite short movies of all time.