“Meeting Harry Smith” by Drew Christie “Meeting Harry Smith” by Drew Christie

“Meeting Harry Smith” by Drew Christie

An animated interpretation of musicologist and filmmaker John Cohen’s first meeting with Harry Smith, the experimental filmmaker and animator who compiled the Anthology of American Folk Music. Done for Greg Vandy’s folk music blog, American Standard Time by Drew Christie.

  • GW

    Interesting portrayal. Not sure just how accurate it is. I know Harry Smith did some crazy things, but hmm. I really like his films, and the dumpster diving doesn’t surprise me. He has to get his supplies somehow.

  • Steve Menke

    Just happened to dust off the “Anthology of American Folk Music” recently (to newcomers, it’s often cited as a spark for the 60s folk movement, among its listeners the adolescent Bob Dylan). If it wasn’t for Harry Smith (and other die-hard 78 rpm record enthusiasts, Robert Crumb among them), a significant chunk of musical heritage would’ve moldered into oblivion. This short’s a brilliant snapshot. If it isn’t 100 percent true, Harry’s the sort that can be served well by good fiction.

  • Matt Taylor

    Here is an excerpt of Heaven and Earth Magic. I’ll always remember the craziness of the sound track, it’s like walking through a haunted house.