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The Best Animated Holiday Greeting of 2012

Ok, call off the search. I’ve found this year’s best animated Christmas greeting, and it’s by none other than Cyriak:

  • Brian R.

    Dude. You need to put a warning on that. That was awful.

  • Robofingernail


  • That’s so disgusting!
    Yours best Christmas card it’s the one a monster Santa drill a kid’s head to deliver a gift?
    It’s a mad world…

  • jordan reichek


  • Ok

    Jesus Christ.

  • EricW

    Goodbye sleep! See you in the spring!

    But really, if you don’t know the implications of the sentence “Cyriak made a Christmas video,” you should at least sit down for this one.

  • DAMN. I think I’m in love.

  • Bruce R

    Maybe one on Newtown next year??? Can hardly wait.

    • Jon H

      Jesus Christ, I know it’s messed up but that’s just one of the worst, most alarmist comparisons I’ve ever heard.

      • jordan reichek


      • Bruce R

        Alarmist? I was just watched a child be torn apart as a Christmas “greeting”or “entertainment”. It seemed like a lot of wasted time, now mine included,on something not worth the effort, or having any awareness of much outside itself.
        Sorry I put faith in Amid’s suggestion it was the “best “and walked into it. Enjoy the Holidays.

        • Jon H

          You’ve got valid points about Amid’s presentation and the video itself, but that’s not what I was talking about. I’m referring to Bruce bringing up a recent real life tragedy when we’re talking about a piece of horror surrealism. If we were just weeks out of a real case of a reindeer/Santa hybrid killing a young boy with a tree drill the comparison would be apt, but seeing as such a thing is pretty much impossible the comparison is more tasteless than the video itself.

          • Bruce R

            The post is for individual opinions on it. I made mine. I saw an expression of violence towards children solely for the benefit of an individual’s gratification. A perpetrator can use many tools, whether in animation or in life, there are consequences to our attitudes towards others. “horror surrealism”
            must be a developed taste and a nice side step to rationalizing what is shown.

  • Philip M

    This is pornographic in it’s use of violence. And no, it’s not hip and it’s not funny. Honestly, time to rethink the indiscriminate use of violence, especially given recent horrific events.

    • R

      Even pornography has its place. Do not presume to hide from others what you find unsavoury.

  • Geoff

    As a horror fan, I enjoyed the story and gag. It was all unexpected, and yes, graphic.
    Aesthetically, however, I found the whole thing ugly.

  • Now THIS is an animator who should make a cartoon show for kids!

  • Mohegan

    Pedobear? Or rather…Pedo-reindeer? O_o

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I kept hoping that the kid would wake up. Stylish but it did not end well.

  • Ryan Frost

    You have to apply your own filter to just about all media these days. Cheerful, friendly Santas mask marketing schemes to sell more Coca-Cola… so I don’t mind an evil Santa drilling a kids head open an force-feeding a gift to his face once in a while. That doesn’t make me a mass murderer, just a free-thinking individual with a dark sense of humor.

  • Ha ha, loved it! I can’t believe the hand-wringing over this.

  • Reld

    I can understand some people being shocked by this piece of animation. I personally love it. It is shocking, yeah, but it has to be that way if you want people to think about the actual statement of the piece, namely The consume oriented world in which we all live fucking our’s, and our’s children’s brains to consume more and more, specially every christmas!
    Fantastic Work!