metro-jacobwyatt metro-jacobwyatt

“Metro” by Jacob Wyatt

A wonderful minimalist fantasy, Jake Wyatt skillfully directed Metro last year at the Brigham Young University Center for Animation. Strong art direction and color design turn its simple story into an beautiful experience. Making the festival rounds and garnering much praise over the past year, it’s now online:

  • This is gorgeous on every level.

  • Matt

    Praise from Mr Michel Gagne himself… And well deserved none the less. Bravo Jake.

  • Way to go Jake! Fantastic!

  • Beautifully done.

  • Such great simple ways to go about the artwork here. Very effective. The story made sense, rather twee for my tastes… but then again, who cares?

    A triumph all around

  • The animation was beautiful and inspiring… thanks for sharing this!

  • Mic

    Wow. So Beautiful.