Mike Grimshaw’s <em>Quiet Please</em> Mike Grimshaw’s <em>Quiet Please</em>

Mike Grimshaw’s Quiet Please

As a response to YouTube’s takedown of Signe Baumane’s animated short, Canadian animation director Mike Grimshaw has posted an old film of his onto the file sharing service to highlight their screwy editorial policies. He writes, “I want to help out my pal Signe so I’ve posted my film Quiet Please to show what can be accomplished without resorting to nudity. We’ll see how long this lasts.” The video is possibly NSFW depending on where you work.

  • FP

    That is just adorable. Makes me feel warm and nostalgic. Go figure. I got two or three cartoons featuring that character on a DVD somewhere. They always open my airways within fifteen minutes.

  • Vintage Season

    Gaaah… I’ll probably get flamed to cinders for this, but that’s been on YouTube too long already. I can’t believe I managed to sit through the entire 2:16.

    Look, this cartoon is basically just an exercise in “how much offensive imagery can I cram into a timeslot?” Signe Baumane’s film, on the other hand, was edgy, but also funny.

  • …What, no bestiality and/or desecration of tombs?

  • Paul N

    I remember this from Spike & Mike, more years ago than I care to remember.

  • Tom Pope

    Well, that was… low rent.

  • Graven images! The people want graven images!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Well that was… unpleasant.

  • Facile.

  • zavkram

    I also saw this at a Spike & Mike “Sick & Twisted” film festival. I was grossed out but also laughing myself silly!

    Watching it again after nearly 15 years, I found myself looking away from the more disgusting scenes; so maybe there’s hope for me yet!

  • joecab

    It didn’t go far enough.

  • TJR

    On the weekends I sometimes visit my elderly mother and bring old looney tunes. popeye and other vintage cartoons and we have a good laugh together. I am sure that this one will make a fine addition to one of our afternoon get togethers………NOT!

    I laughed pretty hard at the “No wonder your crying…..Your diapers are wet” line though.

  • PJ

    That could have been good, if it had been funny. Or good. Or something else.

  • TStevens

    Mike was a teacher of mine up at VFS and I can remember when he showed the class this and a few other films. All of us sat in disbelief as we watched it. I distinctly remember Mike smiling with great satisfaction after having shown it.

    He is a great teacher though.

  • Aww, why isn’t this lovable cartoon playing day and night on Nicolodean?

  • I probably would discount this as trash – but in this context, I like this animation.

  • christy

    OMG some of you people are uptight!
    i thought that was funny as shit-i laughed my ass off!
    thanks for sharing this-i can’t believe i never saw it!

  • Vast

    Well, it’s gone now. I guess they finally noticed it.
    I actually liked the cartoon; I found it very cathartic after a hard day.
    At least I got to watch it one before the ‘tube took it down. Oh well.

  • Why does this need to be promoted in any way? It’s not funny, it’s offensive, and it’s ugly to look at. I’m tired of people making cartoons that are intentionally indecent. Enough is enough. This belongs at a “Spike and Mike” festival, but it doesn’t belong on a blog that supposedly discusses great animation. Being “Offensive” and “weird” does not make something “art”. Stop promoting crap like this, and it will (and should) go away.

  • autisticanimator

    That other film probably just got into the ‘related videos’ section of some more fhc-approved clip and that parent or child didn’t like that…

  • devlnbagypants

    Hellfuckinglarious! What comedy relief is really all about.

  • astral traveler

    Ah I remember it well. At the Kitslilano opening night party after the world premier of “Quiet Please” I watched incredulously as a drunken Mike viciously ripped into John Lasseter who’s “Tin Toy” also premiered at the same festival. Mike felt that his production had more integrity and John’s was the worst piece of crap imaginable.

    Ahhh memories from 1988 … I wonder what happened to them … oh right … John is rich and famous and Mike the last I heard was a plumber.

  • hi mike – remember me? how are you doing. I made it to age 65 retirement so it can be done.

    love to hear from you.

  • Clayton

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this short, and you removed it. Thanks for making it, though.

  • bray-dan

    I came, I saw, I clicked, but it’s been removed!!

    I saw Quiet Please way back in the 90s in college and I loved it–can anybody out there PLEASE tell me where I can watch it again?