“Money Bunny Blues” By Ellen Coons “Money Bunny Blues” By Ellen Coons
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“Money Bunny Blues” By Ellen Coons

Today, as part of Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival, we’re delighted to present Money Bunny Blues by Ellen Coons of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. As stop motion animation in feature films becomes slicker and increasingly indiscernible from CGI, it’s refreshing to find a stop motion short that embraces the technique’s quirky and whimsical possibilities. The film’s setting is an intricate handmade universe comprised of common household objects–candy, coins, fruit, playing cards. Within this fantasy backdrop and accompanied by a folksy, unadorned song of economic woe, loose-limbed Dolly attempts to connect with the elusive Money Bunny. Whether you’re in need of a few bucks or have more money than you know what to do with, the free-spirited charm of Money Bunny Blues will put a smile on your face.

Click HERE to read an interview with the filmmaker Ellen Coons.

The Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival is made possible by the generosity of our presenting sponsor JibJab.
  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love that steel socket armature model of the bunny- it moves like dream.

  • Jerold Howard

    Well done! I really like the energy in this short film.

  • and you know my friend Steve Stanchfield helped with this film….

  • tjr

    I really like the song :) and the video is very cool too !

  • Congratulations, Ellen! My toys look great!