“Mr. Cardboard” by Michaël Bolufer “Mr. Cardboard” by Michaël Bolufer

“Mr. Cardboard” by Michaël Bolufer

If you’re going to make film that looks like it was made from corrugated cardboard, you couldn’t do better than French director Michaël Bolufer. Here is the first of 12 cute Mr. Cardboard webtoons Bolufer is producing out of his studio in Lyon.

  • Mr. James

    Awesome. For some reason this completely captivated me!

    I LOVE THE SOUND EFFECTS! I would like to see an entire CG movie where the only sound effects or soundtrack is made with vocal impersonation. That would be fun!

  • I love the sound effects.

  • Arabela

    Anyone remember a 90’s Music Video (shown on MTV of course) which was also animated with corrugated cardboard? i was thinking abut it some days ago but couldn’t remember the song to try to find it.

  • Mr. James:
    I can’t name a feature length film with vocalized sound effects throughout, but I think you may enjoy this:

    • Mr. James

      Thanks Chuck. I don’t know how I missed this one but it was a gem!
      I remember some of the animated segments on Sesame Street also having this sort of “voice impersonated sound effects” and for some reason they’re just funnier.

  • Rajesh


  • Clint H.

    Love it, especially the sound effects. :)

  • Jez Hall

    Looks great but what was the gag? Couldn’t see one.

  • Matt Sullivan

    BTW, “Brownies” did it first, and did it BETTER.


    • Sir, you’re making a scene

  • Calin Fernandez

    Love this! Charming, simple, and the DIY effects really color the film with style! Very Classy!