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“Muscular Princesses” by Júlia Farkas

Muscular Princesses

Anybody can draw in a naïve art style, but few do it well. Muscular Princesses (original title: Izmos királylányok) by Júlia Farkas uses a deceptively childlike style to illustrate a decidely “fractured” fairy tale. There is expressive character animation, creative staging choices, and a playful sense of visual humor that matches the absurd tone of the story. The results brought a smile to my face. It’s a 2009 graduation film from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

  • Shmorky

    I actually have a very hard time drawing in a “naive” style. I keep trying to smooth out the lines unconsciously. Whenever I need an awkwardly drawn character to animate I get a kid to draw it or Kevin Fragmaster Bowen.

  • Al

    Very nice! I came here to make the same comment as Schmorky. I’ve had to draw in a “naive” style a couple of times for jobs, and I found it really challenging at first. I had to loosen up and really focus on how a kid would actually draw depth and overlaps… I found that was the key to making authentic looking kid’s art.

  • Jack

    Sometimes it works if a trained artist can’t draw in a deliberately naive enough style to draw with the non-dominant hand. It’s more struggle for control but it can lend a large degree of the desired unskilled look.

  • Karim

    That’s really fresh and inspiring, thanks for putting that up.
    Again, there’s something spontaneous in it that makes it stand the hell out from the many “hipsterish” attempts (without the truth) to match that style.

  • Chris Pepin

    That has to be one of the strangest versions of The Twelve Dancing Princesses I’ve ever seen.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    I love it!!! : )

  • D

    I love this art style. Reminds me a lot of fort thunder comics art styles. I can’t draw like this even when I try but I always love seeing how well others do it and enjoy it thoroughly. Reminds me of childhood and I guess thats the point of the short and this art style.