<em>My Day</em> by Eamonn O’Neill <em>My Day</em> by Eamonn O’Neill

My Day by Eamonn O’Neill

My Day is a short about personal space. It’s a third-year project by Irish animation student Eamonn O’Neill. It was made at IADT Dun Laoghaire. I like how he’s exploring the visual possibilities in a largely dialogue-driven concept.

  • Oluseyi

    I like it a lot :-)

    It reminds me of all the times people have been insistent on having a “relationship” with you when all you want to do is just be. Very nicely illustrated, the physical crowding and the unwillingness to let go.

  • Yes I am a big fan of this one. Great use of the medium. Simple story, but the visuals really bring me into both character’s minds and how they are feeling.

  • Really nice look. Illustrates perfectly those awkward bus conversations with drunk guys, while really making me feel for the drunk guy in question. I’ll be interested to see where Mr.O’Neill ends up.

  • Great to see your stuff up here Eamonn. It’s a smashin’ piece

  • Iritscen

    Yay, more young talent! Brightens my day to see students making animation their own.

  • Epstein

    It grabs the viewer emotionally and graphically and how many third year shorts really do that?

  • Great style. Great filmmaking. I watched it without sound. I’ll watch it with sound when I get a chance.

  • night watch


  • tgentry

    God, who hasn’t been there? Great stuff.

  • Amazing. Loved it from start to finish. Bravo Eamonn! Make more!

  • Amid, this is an excellent film. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Thanks for the comments and views everyone, I’m overwhelmed!
    And thanks to Amid too for posting it.

  • eggman

    Terrific film! Here’s hoping you put it up for Academy consideration this year. Thanks for sharing.

  • Doofus

    Really loved this!
    It reminds me of my own experiences with British buses.
    Great use of abstraction to bring the points across.

  • Gerard de Souza

    What everyone else says. I saw it with no sound the first time and still very effective. I felt intimidated and pathos for the dad at the same time. Dialogue driven, yes but 100% visual.

  • Nice one!

  • Sogoban

    great – grate dialogue, great acting, great design, great atmosphere and GREAT IDEA!