“Neomorphus” by Animatorio “Neomorphus” by Animatorio
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“Neomorphus” by Animatorio

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Animatorio created this stunning piece of stop motion animation. There’s some CG effects thrown into the mix too. I’ve posted the description of their short below, but honestly, it’s such a visceral feast for the eyes that no written description will do it justice:

Transformation trough mutations stages. Evolution as a function gain is called neo-morphic. Imaginary creatures adapt into an Ecosystem and the transformation of these habitats for these creatures generates a fantastic cycle. The mutation symbolism is part of our experiences in that trajectory, changing places, finding a new spectrum, a new phase, evolving.

UPDATE: A ‘making-of’ vid posted by the Animatorio crew:

  • Really cool and more than a little creepy. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess these guys are fans of the Brothers Quay, if only in terms of design style.

    I expect this will be making a stir at the festivals before long.

  • technically amazing, but it can’t live out out of the shadow of svankmajer and quays

  • I like watching unsettling things in the morning.

  • I thought about the brothers Quay too.
    Strange and disturbing but very inspiring. It tempts me to try stop motion for my next short now.

  • Beautiful!

  • Alex Printz

    certainly has that eastern european stop-mo feel to it (but with more color)… I really like it! There needs to be more creepy animation out there!

    I just hope that they find their own niche in the stop-mo community to separate themselves from being labeled as mimicking Jan or the Quays… because they definitely have the talent to do some amazing stuff!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Thank you! Beautiful indeed.

  • Actually it reminded Dave Mckean’s Sandman covers (well.. which were actually influenced by svankmajer and quays too).
    Anyway it’s a really stunning work, despite any early references it may bring. I loved it !

  • Guz

    I was able to actually see they crafting the set for this. It’s just SO amazing. Congratulations to all Animatorio crew!