nest-ruocco-film nest-ruocco-film

“Nest” By Michael Ruocco

Nest is a short and sweet piece of character animation by NYC-area animator Michael Ruocco. The animation displays unusually sharp timing, which might be expected of someone who curates the blog Smears, Multiples and Other Animation Gimmicks. Michael also deserves credit as the co-curator of my new blog 365 Days of Ward Kimball. A fount of animation knowledge and an animator of great promise–Ruocco is the real deal.

  • Heh, I had let him answer my questions while he’s doing the finishing touches on his film on livestream.

  • This is great! Perfect! Simplicity, elegance, everything’s in there.

  • KB

    Fantastic !!!

  • Beautiful concept, animation and timing!
    What more can one say?

  • Really great concept and beautiful animation. The only thing I would say is I thought there should have been more to the punchline. When the bird came back up, I thought the train blew all his feathers off. It would have been funnier if instead him flying away, he comes up bare without any feathers, gets disoriented and falls over. Of course, that’s my own twisted cartoon brain at work though. :)

    Really wonderful, fluid animation though.

  • I like it!!

  • tomm

    that was great

  • Really, really beautifully done on all fronts.

    There are some wonderful and thoughtful little nuances to the animation that take it to the next level for me.

    And the concept is simple and awesome.
    This piece just plain made me happy, great way to start the day.

    Gonna go check out that blog now!…

  • While I could see the big reveal from a mile away, the wonderful animation made me click the replay button over and over. This is a great little film.

  • I hope Michael is reading all of these comments because I highly enjoyed the film that he made. The premise is really simple, but it’s simple enough for the animation and timing to shine through, something that we don’t see very often in animation now. Keep on trucking, Michael and I hope to see more films from you in the future.