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News! by Darcy Prendergast

Melbourne-based artist Darcy Prendergast, explains that his latest film, News!, was “inspired by my constant hatred for news and current affair programs on TV. It’s essentially a film about nothing, as I find myself less intelligent, with no new knowledge acquired at the end of the viewing.”

Darcy’s multi-frame approach is an effective way of illustrating the cacophonous assault on viewers, and the short is a funny and clever statement about TV news, which is apparently just as vacuous and pathetic in Australia as it is in the US. True story: A CNN producer who was trying to get me to appear on the network once told me point-blank that they’re in the business of entertaining viewers, not informing them. That’s unfortunate because they’re not very good at entertainment either.

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  • Trevor

    Cool designs, but I honestly couldn’t finish it. The sexual tension/polite hatred between news anchors is pretty cliche. I saw no real real world identifiable parodies or caricatures for there to be a real commentary on the state of local news.

    • That´s from Achorman, you can so tell the guy loves that movie

  • Designs are nice. I just wish the story was more relevant. It was just a few minutes of really watching nothing.

  • HarveyDenture

    Same as above. The acting and script were so poor I didn’t give this one much time.

  • Bryan Cowan

    Haha @ cowbell hero 3 ending!

  • Adam

    I pretty much agree with everyone else. Nice desgins, good animation, but I couldn’t finish watching it. It was really boring.

  • SMW

    Darcy Prendergast is so talented I have been following his work for some time now and I’m always impressed with his ability from a younger age to now (not that he is old). I can only imagine how awesome his future animations will be.

  • Steve Cooper

    Whew…Writer and editor needed on that piece. The animation was nice and design OK but it was waaaaayyyyyy tooo lloooongg and I had no interest in what the characters had to say. I agree with the comments above about being cliche… I got to the worm guy but had to end it there.
    If there was some tighter editing with a cut down script, more contrast between the characters and ummm… a story, it could have been good.
    Jeez, I sound like a bit of a prick here but you gotta be cruel to be kind.
    Animation in general in Australia suffers for the lack of good writers, investment, funding and exposure. I guess that Darcy Prendergast knows this all too well. It’s a vicious circle that extends from independent film right through to long form animated series. Talent is difficult to secure when there is such a paucity of time and money made available to an industry that is in such a malaise at present. Unless there is better support and revitalisation the industry in Australia could well disappear.
    Such a shame.