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“Next Life” by Peter McCollough

An animated short for the end of the world by Peter McCollough (“Mr. Peter”), from a screenplay by Doug Fisher, both of UK’s Madhouse Associates.

  • Oslaf

    Bold! Who said animated films have to actually be animated?

  • ken kahn

    The credits mentions an “Arther C. Clarke”. Would I be correct that this is a misspelling of “Arthur C. Clarke”?

  • 1. There was a screenplay for this?
    2. I second Oslaf’s thoughts
    3. Slight misuse of the “degradation/old timey” look. Distracting to say the least. Really kills the atmosphere/mood they were trying to build unfortunately.
    4. Good effort tho’, looking forward to see next attempt

  • Doug Fisher

    > 1. There was a screenplay for this?

    Hi, thanks for your comments.

    It was originally written as a short film project, but we were unable to get it into production in the time available, hence the animation. And, you know, the end of the world being nigh :)

  • Alê Camargo

    Arther C. Clark is one of the most famous science fiction writers ever, like Isaac Asimuv and Roy Bradbury.