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Nick Cross Takes Us To The End of the World in “Perihelion”

Canadian filmmaker Nick Cross (Yellow Cake, The Pig Farmer) took a break from production on his one-man feature Black Sunrise to make the animated short Perihelion.

Cross describes Perihelion as “a sort of animated tone poem…that toes the line between narrative and non-narrative, essentially having no real beginning, middle or end.”

The film draws upon his appreciation of fine art, particularly German Expressionism and Surrealism:

Visually, I was heavily inspired by the work of a number of German painters from the early 20th century. Notably: Otto Dix, Richard Oelze, Ingrid Griebel-Zietlow, Rudolf Schlichter and Max Ernst, as well as Francisco Goya. This is sort of a tribute to the work of these artists living in a time of Fascism and impending war, which really informed their work in a distinct way.

Fans of those classic artists will enjoy spotting the visual references, like this one:

  • Mr.T

    “Nick Cross took a BREAK from production on his one-man feature Black Sunrise to make the animated short Perihelion.”

    I love this guy! his break is animation.

  • Isaasc

    Nick Cross is an animation superhero.

  • Hey Nick! I love your work! You also might like Dutch Painter Jheronimus Bosch
    here is an example of his nightmarish work

  • Ohjeepers

    Everything that Nick Cross does is
    better than everything else that there is. Anywhere.

  • That is hypnotizing. Great stuff, It’s awesome how you manage to drop messages into your work.

    • great stuff…great imagery…what messages were dropped?

      • Gross consumerism, Hijacking planes, Waterboarding intertwined with the priest. The priest blessing the soldiers/ war and being sent to die, and the cyclical nature of it all. Were we watching the same short?

        • Funkybat

          Reminded me of “The Animatrix” but with much more interesting character designs!

  • popyea

    My hype for black sunrise has been rekindled! This is just extremely wonderful.

  • I love it, but at the same time it means that Black Sunrise has been delayed.

    Although, I suppose if Perihelion is your idea of procrastination – then Nick Cross: knock yourself out buddy!

  • Great animation, but damn. Animators are unhappy people

    • are we? well that sure gives me hope in my future :(

      anyway, It always surprises me how slick and well produced all Nick Cross animation looks! astonishing!

  • TJR

    Pretty disturbing stuff………Part of what makes this so disturbing is how much it seems to tie in with the here and now.

  • Elana Pritchard

    A little dark for my tastes, but wonderfully composed shots. He truly is an animator AND a film maker.