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“Nightingales in December” by Theo Ushev

Nightingales in December

Nightingales in December is a hauntingly beautiful three-minute short by Theodore Ushev (Lipsett Diaries, Drux Flux). The film’s aggressive flood of painterly imagery, alternately violent and melodic, leaves a powerful impression on the viewer. Perhaps that’s because Ushev makes animated films with an emphasis on the filmmaking part of the equation. He understands that when space, time, and light are manipulated thoughtfully, animation can express a deeper emotional resonance. The individual pieces of artwork in Nightingales in December are lovely, to be sure, but it’s the way that Ushev builds it into an animated film that truly sings.

Watch the film after the jump (due to auto-play on the video):

  • Another extraordinary work from a gifted artist. It’s not only artful, but it’s intelligent, as well. His body of work is starting to grow into a definite must-see. Thanks for posting it, Amid.

  • Jim

    Gorgeous and very watchable. I felt guilty after falling asleep during The Lipsett Diaries last year — the visual style was fantastic but it was longer than I expected. Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to more from Ushev.

  • Cate

    What is interesting for me in this film is not only the artwork, and the cinema. It has obviously a connection with the “Kuleshov experiments” in cinema…

  • OtherDan

    Amazing. It reminds me of Corny Cole-maybe because I just saw his work last week.

  • I saw your film at the festival OPEN CINEMA some week ago. And glad to see it again.