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“Nobody for President” by James Buran

Even if you’ve already decided who you’re voting for tomorrow, you may be ready to change your candidate after watching NY animator James Buran‘s astute short Nobody for President.

  • Depressingly brilliant.

    • David

      I don’t really think of abject cynicism as brilliant, but maybe one needs to be a hipster to get it.

      • Mac

        It’s not cynical to reject the choices of what Ken Kesey called the Combine. Most of the greatest artists of the past 70 years have not bought into the false dichotomy of American electoral politics,, nor were they cynical. Harken to the Clang of the Yankee Reaper.

      • Yet again…those damn tight filthy jeans are giving away.

      • Yet again…those damn tight filthy jeans are giving me away.

  • It started seeming less cynical and more brilliant to me at “Nobody will take a pay cut,.. stop terrorism,.. end war..”

  • william bradford

    Well, it’s rather silly to be depressed because no one president can, by him/herself in and in a term of office, solve all the the problems or make America “great” again: and this of course is subjective to what your opinion of “great” is. If a president had enough control or power to do that, and if people were uncorruptable, then we wouldn’t NEED a system that limits peoples power. You don’t vote for a “somobody” because he/she will solve all your problems, you vote for them because they represent the issues you think are important, and hopefully represent a slowww change in the right direction; but the president in charge is but a very small factor in improving/deteriorating a country

    • william bradford

      Furthermore, SOMBODY COULD take a paycut, or pay more in taxes, take THAT from the cartoon… and often when sombody says “Nobody will take a pay cut” what they’re really saying is “I WON’T take a paycut, so as long as I convince myself nobody else would i’ve justified it”.

  • This short really reminds me strongly of the “Mr. Nobody” sequence in “Betty Boop For President”! “Who’ll protect the voter’s rights? Mr. No-body! When you’re hungry who’ll feed you? Mr. No-body!” The Fleischers saw more of the humorous side of this cynical view of American politics.

  • Jeremy Speed Schwartz

    Reminded me of Mr. Nobody from “Betty Boop for President”

  • Nobody likes this animation.

  • Speaking of ‘Betty Boop for President’: whom does she temporarily morph into, at 2:14 of this film??? I really would like to know. (

    • Jeremy Speed Schwartz

      Supposedly Al Smith, who was the presumed Democratic nominee (ran against Hoover in 1928) until Roosevelt overtook him.

  • This cartoon left me feeling completely apathetic…about this cartoon.