“Nosy Bear”, A Sketchbook Film by Fran Krause “Nosy Bear”, A Sketchbook Film by Fran Krause

“Nosy Bear”, A Sketchbook Film by Fran Krause

A new short by Fran Krause (Moonraker, Utica Cartoon), Nosy Bear is a character study of a bear in the woods. The “making of” video below serves as a fantastic look into Krause’s unconventional production methods. His dime-sized drawings were drawn sequentially in a sketchbook, but not overlayed to test the movement of the animation. When I saw the sketchbooks last summer, I wondered how it was all going to come together. Very well, in fact.

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  • Fantastic.

  • Totally awesome. Great job Fran!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Awesome stuff Fran!

  • Bravo, herr Krause!

  • The last couple of shots made me laugh out loud. I always find incredibly bleak whimsy to be endless entertaining.

  • Thomas Hatch


  • I love the message, simple animation, the timing, and those little drawings are so charming. The work process is very inspiring!

  • ed

    Like this. A LOT.

  • Erik

    Goes to show that animation need not be very complex. Wait to go, Fran!

  • Fun and charming – both the process and the result.

  • Niiice! :D

  • For someone like me that lives in my sketchbook this was very inspiring…..and awesome!

  • Emmett Goodman

    Very nice, Fran! Definitely an inspiring process.

  • keithlango

    I just love stuff like this. Inspiring.

  • Karim

    Made my day!

  • I like this! Wanna make a sketchbook animation!

  • fran krause rules the universe.

  • Mike Cagle

    “Just chewing on a bottle opener.”

  • Robert Schaad

    Like the concise length of the short…and the music goes perfectly. Also, thanks for making the “how it was done” sequence.

  • Mark Walton

    I love that his unassuming, largely unimproved process (very close to how I like to plan out my boards) yielded such fantastic results!

  • I loved this! He’s one of the professors at our school. Now I really want to take his class!!!

  • I hope the bear found a snack in that napsack.