<em>Nuttin’ For Christmas</em> <em>Nuttin’ For Christmas</em>

Nuttin’ For Christmas

Animator Doug Compton used a classic 1955 Stan Freberg recording as the basis for his Christmas card this year: a fully animated version of Nuttin’ For Christmas which he drew and animated every frame of.

For reference, the song’s lyrics (written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett) are here. Enjoy – and Merry Christmas!

  • Hey, tell Doug he got the credits wrong. He says the kid is Daws Butler and the burglar is Stan Freberg.

    Nope. They’re both Freberg.

  • Jay Sabicer

    It’s a shame he got the names switched on the voice artists! Otherwise, great. Would love to see a hi-def version.

  • Excellent! A fantastic job! I don’t know Doug, but he should be very proud of this.

  • MJ

    Fantastic, I wonder how long it took to complete?

  • Chris Smigliano

    This was great! This was funny! This was VERY well done!

  • Richard Gadd

    Thanks for sharing that – huge fun

  • Wow…amazing!

    Unfortunately, the song is so descriptive that it really doesn’t need to be animated to be “complete”, but I can’t deny that the whole presentation was incredibly well done. Beautiful artwork, layouts, character design and animation. I’d love to know more about the whole production!

    By the way, Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Merry Christmas Jerry and Amid. Thanks for the great website.

  • That’s an instant x-mas classic! Damn good stuff.

  • Mac

    Perfect! Thank you for such an excellent Christmas treat!

  • Doug is a rare talent who should be ranked amongst the top tier cartoon animators.

    If Leon Schlesinger owned a studio today, Doug would be his Ken Harris.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to work with him for many years and am forever floored by the clarity of his animation.


  • Ross W

    Brilliant! I have often thought this song was ripe for animation and Doug has done a great job. Now who’s going to take on Spike Jones’s “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”?

  • fishmorgjp

    That was great!

  • Gerard de Souza

    WOw. Very enjoyable! A one-man Clampett!
    Heard the song before by others, didn’t know Freberg did it.

  • Thanks Jerry. I hope this goes viral!

  • Now that’s an elaborate Christmas card ! Excellent work.

    (deep bow to Doug Compton)

  • Doug Compton

    I am somewhat embarrassed by my mistake on the voice credits. I had always assumed the kid was Daws Butler, who worked with Stan a lot, because it sounds so much (to me) like his Elroy Jetson, Quisp,ect. voice. No one who’s seen the cartoon has corrected me till now. Thanks, Mark! I will correct this error on future editions of the film, if there are any.
    Thanks, everyone, for the compliments and Merry Christmas!

  • Is this how it should look? Being a stickler myself, I’ve corrected the video itself by properly cropping it and getting the aspect ratio right.


  • Holy smokes, I did three cards this year and thought that was something. This was terrific in every way!

  • Andre

    That was great! ‘Nuff said.

  • Matthew

    Doug, did you work on this on an off/on basis all year? It’s amazing.

  • Very well done. Great job, Doug!

  • What a great job! I especially loved the Santa. The original recording is wonderful, but the cartoon certainly enhances it.

  • Okay, that was great. I want more from Mr. Compton. Hilarious.

  • Honestly, It’s hard for me to see these drawings working in the context of a story or centralized idea, but it seems to fit perfectly with this goofy novelty song. Lots of fun bouncy animation for the sake of it.

    Good Work, Doug.

  • Wonderfully brought to life – with talent like this, who needs to work for Fox? =D

  • I’ve uploaded a high resolution Quicktime to my site if anyone wants to see it better.

  • Tom Ruegger

    Brilliant! Tremendous work. Great designs. Great timing. And funny! What a talent!

  • Grimmy

    Cool and refreshing.

  • Sean Yoda Rouse


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  • Jerry,

    Thanks so much for posting this. Fantastic job. Amazing job Doug! Thanks for making this!

    -Dus T’

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This was brilliant! I remember first hearing the tune nearly 20 years ago thinking it would look kinda neat seeing it as an animated ditty (often playing it in my head often)! Neat to see someone transfer that into appealing and zany drawings we see here.

  • Sherrie

    Wonderful! I really loved the ending.

  • Doug… You Da Man!

    and yes I’m on drugs.


  • Jessica Britton

    Fantastic! I’d love to see Compton do Freberg’s Green Christmas!

  • Marc Baker

    Very impressive! This short was very well made. Nice animation, solid designs, good use of color, overall good work. Probably the best piece of ‘christmas’ themed animation i’ve seen in quite some time.

  • Keith Paynter

    Very well realized! Characters have such dynamic weight, and the Freberg/Butler track is always a hoot. Hats off!! Next year…Christmas Dragnet…??

  • Congratulations, Doug!!! A real cartoon from a real animator!

  • Mitchell Craig

    That’s all I can say.
    Sheer unadulterated brilliance!

  • Doug is one of New York’s treasures. He added brilliance to a number of my animated shows over the years. The cartoon stuff is just one side of his work, believe me. He can animate sophisticated and funny dance moves with the best of them. This card is just the tip of his iceberg.

  • WOW! Brilliant. Not one nuance left unexpressed, (forcing the chewing action on the bug scene and the Salvation Army Santa popping out of the spilled snow-drift/wreckage are two examples). Also loved the skipping thug/santa. Awesome. This is a genuine classic.

  • That was great! I watched it at least 4 times. I wish more cartoons looked like that. Keep those coming….

  • Tom

    Gawd, that was great! I am not familiar with Doug’s work, but I will kepp an eye out for it in the future. This is my favorite version of the song. I first heard it on Dr. Demento some 30 years ago. The first time I heard the song, it was on a children’s Christmas album. Stan’s is way better. And the animation it all the right notes. Can’t wait to show this to my wife. She’ll love it too.

  • Tom

    My wife just home from work. She asked me if there was anything on TV. I showed her the video. She loved it. AsI was watching it again, I realized that Santa was just how I had pictured him. Exactly. Want to see more of this man’s work.


    Great visualizations…and to be done by the one artist alone…it’s a majestic feat of endurance. Awesome work!