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“On Time Off” by Bill Porter

On Time Off

Bill Porter‘s On Time Off will either inspire you to head to the beach or make you want to stay as far the hell away as possible. His melancholic and satirical take on beach life stems from his own experiences working in an ice cream shop in Cornwall. It’s a Royal College of Art graduation short that I first encountered on the festival circuit back in 2008.

  • CC

    haha! Love the variation in style. Reminds me somewhat of Malcolm Sutherland’s short ‘The Tourists’.

  • This was a very nice way to start the summer. It’s a very well done short, and it really captures the mood. An excellent piece.

  • So good! It really captures the blistering heat and hordes of flabby sunburnt people.

  • Durward

    Making films about what you know means you can’t really go wrong.

  • Nice film!

    I liked the joke about the guy taking his shirt off, to reveal his skin’s the same colour as the shirt (*white) Hahaa