One D One D

One D

In honor of today’s release of the next big leap in three dimensional, digitally enhanced CG — I give you Mike Grimshaw’s One D:

  • 3D is good, but it’ll never replace 1D. lol

  • Geo

    Nice gag. But technically this short is still 2D.

  • Tom Minton

    Filmation is kicking itself in its grave for missing such a cost-saving device.

  • I was bugged that he was passing by stuff, rather than having to climb over it, or through a hole a la “Flatland.”

    Of course to be 1-D, the characters and objects would also have to be infinitesmally (sp?) wide. But a mathematician might have better ideas about this.

    And it’s a cartoon, so there’s room for suspension of disbelief!

  • bord

    I’m assuming One D was made with Mo-Cap. How else does one make animation?

  • Some Flatlander

    Cute, but whyfore the Pixar hate?

  • Steve Gattuso

    I know I’ve seen this before, probably at ComicCon, and It’s still just as much fun as I remember.

  • Hehehe, I’m so happy to see this up here! Thanks Jerry! :)

  • Alex

    Heeheeheeheehee, but indeed why the Pixar hate? Eisner’s gone… he was the mass marketeer…
    But I digress, heeheeheehehee


    If 1950s U.P.A. output could have been taken to the next [minimalist ‘flat’] level, it may have looked a bit like this………

  • thanks! if you hadn’t put this up and i’d only seen that terrytoons 3d thing below i would have had to cry myself to sleep…in the middle of the day!

    this is pretty hilarious though! nice find!

  • This was hilarious; I’m glad there’s humorous socio-artistic commentary out there…I grow weary of all the tear-filled, anger-ridden ones. It gives an even jab at everyone.

    When I figured out what the floating dots in front of the 1D girl were I laughed the hardest!

  • This is especially funny since I saw the animated feature Flatland tonight.


    Ehhhh…… it left me flat. Kind of thin on the budget don’t you think? And the chracters… narrow minded. Lacks dimention.

    Great toon though!

  • Chuck R.

    “When I figured out what the floating dots in front of the 1D girl were I laughed the hardest!”

    I’m still wondering why the “dots” become black rather than flesh-colored when Diane goes topless. And when the “dots” roll out of the stick/log cabin, well that was just a bit too…ahem…graphic.

  • Alessandro

    “But technically this short is still 2D.”

    Yes, yes, we all know that if it were truly 1D, we wouldn’t be able to see it at all. The point is it’s a spoof.