“Orbis Park” by Andrew Kaiko “Orbis Park” by Andrew Kaiko

“Orbis Park” by Andrew Kaiko

RISD grad and now NYC-based animator/illustrator Andrew Kaiko has completed his first self-funded short, Orbis Park. Says Kaiko:

“Orbis Park is my first short as a professional animator since my college senior thesis five years ago. This is an attempt to display the type of animation I always wanted to do and the inspirations that I am affected by every day. It is also the first short where I wanted to gather a more solid crew – basically all of it brought in online.”

  • Rufus

    That was Rad. I think I know where this artist’s coming from and I dig it. It needed to be said. <3

  • Matt B

    Great Stuff Andrew

    Hope folks on the Brew all come out in support of your hard work. It’s quite a feat and we’re all glad you managed it. The 2nd film, the first out of school, is a real achievement.


  • EHH

    I see that Cory (the squirrel) from Andrew’s webcomic “Norm and Cory” makes a cameo here.

  • Fantastic work! I love it! :D

  • Awesome work, Andrew!

    Your animation is so vivid and alive. And the interaction between the driver and her passenger is hilarious. “Orbis Park” is one of your best pieces of animation yet.

  • Luke

    Had a smile on my face the whole time! Great animation and nice to see something so positive!

  • Clint H.

    That was great! The animation and design was pleasant to look at. I hope to see more. :)

  • Andrew Kaiko

    Thank you, Brewmasters, for posting this on the Brew!

    If any of you remember, I was the animator behind the 25-second BONE clip based on Jeff Smith’s graphic novel in observance of the upcoming feature film, also posted here, and the criminal Santa synced to “The Man With The Bag” in last year’s Christmas animation post.

    Glad that it brought delight to many of you. Fun is a goal I try to achieve in the end result of any of my work. I even like putting in little details when drawing, too. For example, some of the items Lauren has to collect include a framed photo that appears at the beginning of my Senior thesis, some creepy kid doing nothing but smiling all the time, and a “LEFT TURN” sign that’s always pointing left with the official seal of the town of Albuqurque. Lauren’s pedicab has a license plate that reads “SR THG”, an abbreviation of “Sure thing”, which she recites multiple times in the short.

  • eeteed

    yes. nicely done. good to see an artist taking the high road.

  • Dr. Truth

    This was really great!!! fantastic work!!

  • What a wonderful film! After coming home from an eleven-hour workday, this was the smile I needed. ^_^

  • Randy

    Really fun Andrew! Lots of talent and love your style!
    Great job!!!!
    Keep up the great work! (Decent voice work too – a bit of a rarity in these types of short films.)

  • Two thumbs up from me.

  • J.M.

    But That´s not How John Lasseter talks!

    (great job on this short)

  • M. Seegz

    You know, as a fat person, my first reaction was to take offense at this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still offensive as hell, but then I started thinking, if I were in that fat guy’s position, how would I have handled it?

    – would have probably been a lot less demanding.
    -I wouldn’t have brought snacks along with me, or stopped for food.
    -I would have been athletic enough to take over for the driver if they needed a break.
    -I would have also done the exact same thing the fat character did at the end.

    That creature is not a realistic representation of a fat person, or even of a person, whereas the driver is. Unlike the driver, it is a caricature comprised of collected stereotypes, thrown together for a cheap laugh and used to represent “that person we all ‘know.'” So, in a sense, I thank you, Mr. Kaiko. Through your tasteless, repulsive minstrel, you’ve helped me examine myself and conclude that I’m a person, not a caricature.

    …And a much better person than you, for recognizing that that sort of caricature isn’t funny, no matter if it’s used to depict fat people, gay people, men or women, people of color, or anyone else. It’s a shame, as I used to LOVE Norm & Cory.

    Good animation, otherwise.

    • susan

      sorry your feelings were hurt m seegz, but i particularly enjoyed this piece and had the opposite reaction… that kaiko made the passenger distracting and difficult was brilliant. all too often we forget that no matter who we are, what we do, what we look like… it’s the connection that trumps. this is a lovely humanity tale.

      also loved the voice work.

  • Excellent voice work! Bad voices can kill otherwise good animation.