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Orderly Confusion by Rob Bohn

Orderly Confusion

I saw a lot of films that I enjoyed last week at the SVA student animation show. One of my favorites was Rob Bohn’s Orderly Confusion, a series of nutty animated interludes that defy description. Check out the film over here. (Thanks, Tim Rauch)

  • YES! This film was awesome. They saved one of the best for last! :D

    Go Rob!

  • Dave Levy

    very exciting stuff. congrats, rob!

  • Great stuff. Reminds me of a cartoon David Lynch for some reason.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Whoa! That was pretty genius.

  • it was a great night – liked this a lot, as well as “we don’t speak french” and i think it was called “cowboy chicken”. . .

  • Boy did i @#$% up – the films i mentioned above were both in the NYU student Spring Animation Showcase NOT the SVA fest – but at least maybe now i’ve garnered some interest for the two films i mentioned. . .

    sorry. . .