<i>Organs</i> <i>Organs</i>


It’s Labor Day in the United States. I’m still at Cinecon. What better way to spend a holiday than with the latest from that looney luchador from Ecuador (who just moved to Toronto), Makinita (aka Andres Silva):

  • wow! the credits are my favorite part…

  • Paul Spector

    If Tarantino and Rodriguez had gone into animation?

  • Martin Juneau

    I remember him on DA. I like his dark humor and this stuff is highly recommended to any real cartoons fans.

  • Julian Carter

    I like the animation of the sexy dancing chicken … there’s a bounce to it. However, I don’t understand the conclusion. Why does the hairy skunk-like organ stealer guy suddenly get a bad case of gas?

  • Did I just see characters resembling Cigarettes the cat and Hunter S. Thompson, and hear music by Leonard Cohen, 2 Live Crew and… Terry Taylor??

    Well, it’s certainly eclectic.

  • Makinita

    I can answer that question well he is a skunk and when skunk gets super exited they release their stink and thats what happened

  • This dude cranks out cartoons like nobody’s business.

    Man, imagine if everyone was as productive as this!

    Keep ’em coming Makinita

  • Julian Carter

    @ Makinita

    Oops! Now I feel dumb … especially since I noticed that he was a skunk. Somehow I never thought of the odours nomally associated with skunks. ;)

    By the way, I saw your Cupcake Hitler short. I think you made good use of squash and stretch particularly in the Heiling Hitler sequence. Also, I watched the deleted sequence on YouTube, and whilst I normally dislike toilet humour … the gags in that scene were genuinely funny (especially when Hitler’s moustache and “hair” get blasted off his face!)