“Orpheu’s Pony” by Michael Fragstein “Orpheu’s Pony” by Michael Fragstein

“Orpheu’s Pony” by Michael Fragstein

Abstract, experimental, beautiful. Michael Fragstein, co-founder of stuttgart based design firm Büro Achter April, has a new short: Orpheu’s Pony. Words by Lisa Tuyala, music by Marc Fragstein.

  • This reminds me a little of grafitti artist Banksy.

    Real nice look to it for sure. I like how fluid it looks and the “elevated” feel to it.

  • Much cooler than Cars 2.

  • Spencer

    Anyone know what materials were used for this project? I’m curious if he used more than one acetate for the animation.

  • might be a late answer…but the imagery is completly digital…no acetates at all.