outonthetiles outonthetiles

“Out on the Tiles” by Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson directed Out on the Tiles as a graduation film in 2010 at Edinburgh College of Art. The film evokes a surprising amount of pathos for its small-scale drama. Credit that to the finely observed personality animation. I could feel the character’s blurry and impaired thought process behind every action on screen.

(via Stop Motion Portugal)

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  • Terry Border

    I think this deserves an honest-to-goodness “OMG”. hahaha! Loved it.

  • tjarmstrong

    so well done. loved this.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I think I know a few people just like the character in this film who would be that way about life. The filmmaker did a great job capturing that sort of low, drunk existence perfectly in a few minutes time.

  • Animator606432

    That was amazing! I’ve seen movies with million dollar budgets that don’t evoke half the emotion this short has.

  • M Rahman

    Gross, but a pretty realistic depiction of the stuff people do while under the influence. The first mature stop motion animation I’ve ever laid eyes on without that Robot Chicken humor.

  • Ant G

    The part where she’s breathing while sleeping…. so great

  • Rufus Chickenplight

    Brilliant. And sick :D

  • Chris

    So well done! The expressions are spot on. The suspense was palpable. I literally shouted “OH GAWD NO”.