Outsider Art Becomes Animated in <em>The Future</em> Outsider Art Becomes Animated in <em>The Future</em>

Outsider Art Becomes Animated in The Future

The video above is about The Future, a twelve-minute animated short drawn and voiced entirely by artists who are members of League Treatment Center’s L.A.N.D. (League Artists Natural Design) Gallery in Brooklyn. What makes these artists unique is that they all have developmental disabilities. The film is being directed by NY animation artist M. Wartella (Wonder Showzen, Superjail) and is scheduled for completion this summer. To help complete the project, the organization is currently accepting donations through the fundraising website Kickstarter. The art looks like a lot of fun; can’t wait to see how it turns out!

(Thanks, Christy Karacas)

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Very cool! The art looks great, good job to them!

  • Zachartista

    Cool project. Can’t wait to see the film.

  • Outsider art is really growing in popularity– it’s almost hip! Not saying that’s bad, either. I think this kind of stuff is really interesting and fun. In a lot of ways, I enjoy it more than professional artwork.

    Also, I have to mention Daniel Johnston. He’s one of the more well-known outsider artists, and some of his drawings were animated in his documentary, THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON.

  • This is an excellent project. I’m so excited to hear about something like this being offered in Brooklyn! I’m a social worker in nyc who helps people with disabilities get customized employment, and a freelance animator on the side. Thanks Amid, for this post! I’m going to check it out very soon and see if I can get some of the people I work with into this type of program, or maybe another project if there is one. I hold a weekly drawing class with some of the guys I work with so maybe I’ll take them over!

  • Fred Cline

    Thanks for posting this, Amid. Beautiful story.