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Page d’ecriture


Student films have come along way since my day.

Our friend “DeK” has just posted this little gem by three students of the CSC, Italy’s national film school. Based on a poem with the same name written by Jacques Prévert, Page d’ecriture (“Writing Sheet”) uses hand drawn and CG to illustrate what happens when a bored child in class dreams of being free as a bird.

The filmmakers — Filippo Giacommelli, co-director, co-art director, script writer and 3D animator; Fabio Tonetto co-director, co-art director and 2D animator; and Juan Correa Diaz co-director and technical director — also have a great production blog.

  • Chuck

    I believe that’s the first time I’ve seen 2D and 3D animation mixed substantially like that. The only other example that comes close is the 2D ghosts in Nightmare Before Christmas. I like the effect!

    Come to think of it, we haven’t seen an animation/live-action hybrid in quite some time (Roger Rabbit? Cool World? Amelie?) I wonder if this could be a glimpse of things to come. Good job FG, FT and JCD!

  • I’m so glad to see Page d’ecriture here and I’m very proud of you guys! And well done to our school! Yay!

  • filippo giacomelli

    It’s such a big honour for us to take part of CARTOON BREW. Thank you so much for posting our short. We’re all proud of ourselves. Filippo, Fabio, Juan.

  • Hi. To second what Giacomelli said, thank you so much for the post. It’s like a dream come true.

    p.s. The last sentence, it’s a little bit in Disney’s way..

  • hi jerry! – and here i am. the last member of the team. thanks a lot indeed! we are very very pleased to be on your blog.