Paradise by Jesse Rosensweet Paradise by Jesse Rosensweet

Paradise by Jesse Rosensweet

Jesse Rosensweet

The NFB has already released one terrifically original stop-motion film this year—Madame Tutli-Putli—and next month they’re rolling out another promising stop-mo piece onto the festival circuit. Paradise by writer/director Jesse Rosensweet debuts in September at both the Toronto International Film Festival and the Ottawa International Animation Festival. The stop-motion characters in the film are painted metal tin toys and move in a correspondingly staccato toyish manner. The visual style is apparently a metaphor for the film’s subject matter, which is “the story of a man [voiced by Dave Foley] whose actions are controlled by fate, who is forced to follow a predetermined path.” More details and a trailer are available at the NFB website.

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! Wayyyy to interesting!!

  • True. Madame Tutli Putli looks stunning, and was pretty interesting to some point. But I think that the ending of the plot is really dissapointing. It’s like they just ran out of money, and had to come up with some weird flashlight effect ending. I think it ruined the whole animation.
    It’s all about STORY STORY STORY!!!

  • Esn

    I’m looking forward to seeing NFB’s “Come Again in Spring” myself:

    The artwork looks beautiful.

  • Scott

    Stephan, Ive been looking forward to Maadame Tutti Putli and it stinks to read your post giving away the ending before I see it, please post a spoiler warning before you comment on the ending of a film . Also from the documentary , you can see they worked on it for a bunch of years, I dont think they they threw on the ending just because they were out of money. Since I havent seen it though I cant agree if it was a poor or wise choice for an ending. either way, a lot of great stuff coming out of nfb!!

  • Madame Tutli-Putli is just an outstanding art-directed movie. I’m looking forward to watch it as soon as it came out on DVD. The scenes on the trailer are very impressive. I think that this post gave more attention to “Paradise”, but I got more interested in Madame Tutli-Putli film. High level of detail and very emotional story-telling.

  • Hey Scott, sorry about that spoiler warning. You’re right. I just got a little bit carried away by the fact that I was really looking forward to see it, but got so dissapointed by the ending.
    I don’t know if they ran out of money or not. I only asumed this because many other bad endings on animations is because of just that. Often the story is fine at the start of the whole progress, but gets cut off when time/money runs out.
    Anyway, again sorry. I still think you should see it because it’s really something different. No mainstream stuff.

    I’ll be more carefull next time.


  • Bob

    Madame Tutli Putli has absolutely gorgeous cinematography. However, there is no story as far as I’m concerned. That ending is completely baffling and makes no sense. I just dont get it (and neither did anyone I asked at the festival i saw it at).

    They should of spent more time working on the story.

  • joe becker

    i worked on the short film paradise directed by jesse rosensweet,i was wondering where i can get a copy of it?