<em>Polar Friends</em> by Boris Hiestand <em>Polar Friends</em> by Boris Hiestand

Polar Friends by Boris Hiestand

A cute Christmas greeting from our animator pal Boris Hiestand

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  • the polar bear(dog?)’s laughter was really funny and made me laugh.

  • greg m

    good stuff Boris!

  • That is what great animation is! Simple idea but executed with perfection. Thanks for shareing the video.

  • Boris Heistand is the Jesus Christ of animation.
    He brings light to the darkness, and clarity to confusion.
    I worship him as some kind of filthy Dutch God.

  • I shall smite thee Elliot

  • Olve

    Nice one Boris. :)

  • Loved it!
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  • hhaha, great, i love it!!!!!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Cool! Thanks!

  • Haha! Fantastic. I knew I was in for a treat when the snowball suddenly gained enough momentum to switch into superspeed. Brilliant!