<em>Pools Stokbrood</em> by Daan <em>Pools Stokbrood</em> by Daan

Pools Stokbrood by Daan

Pools Stokbrood is an amusing one-minute short directed by Daan based on a text by Russian surrealist and absurdist poet Daniil Kharms. Here is the translation of the film’s poem:

“One time, a man was going to the office and on his way there he met another man who had bought a Polish stick bread and was on his way home. And that’s it, actually.”

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    The langauge is in Dutch, if anybody was wondering :)

  • I’ve been a Kharms fan since college! If you have a chance, check out “The Thing”, my favorite Kharms story. http://www.sevaj.dk/kharms/stories/thething.htm

    This is different than how I imagined the tone of of Kharms’ work. I’ve always read it as very deadpan, while this film really highlights every word and phrase.

    The way Kharms writes, he makes very odd things seem matter-of-fact. Instead, this film makes the matter-of-fact elements of the story seem odd, like the mention of “Polish” bringing out the Pope.


  • slowtiger

    Daniil Charms (german transcription) seems to nurture filmmakers’ fantasy. I’ve already seen one or two student films which animated one of his stories and expect more of those one day.