“Poussière” by Vic Chhun, Leyla Kaddoura and Nicolas Ughen

A speck of dust in a desk drawer finds himself sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Poussière (aka Dust) is a sweet little film made ​​by Vic Chhun, Leyla Kaddoura and Nicolas Ughen at France’s EMCA in Angoulême.

(Thanks, J.J. Sedelmaier via The Reel)

  • http://www.sneezemeaway.com Ryan G

    What an enchanting film!

  • AJ

    Darn it! Now I feel sorry for balls of fluff.

  • http://Sezura.blogspot.com Jesse Soto

    You know you’re watching a great short film when all the pieces fall together in the final seconds, thus making you feel the fuzzies.

  • gbop


  • http://zeteos.blogspot.com/ mick

    Love it. Colour, animation, tale, effects…. all tip top

  • Erica

    so beautiful!!

  • http://alrugo.blogspot.com will

    Oh my. My oh my.
    That was utterly wonderful. The reveal at the end was so perfectly
    executed that I couldn’t help but cry at it’s sheer loveliness.
    The whole FEEL of the piece was brilliantly cute and sweet in the
    most endearing of ways.

    My oh my.

    Thank you for posting this CB